Friday, November 2, 2012


Yesterday went okay.  I got busy at work and just had a frozen dinner at my desk which helped me conserve on calories.  I'm feeling much better about this weight thing and the scale.  Maybe something called acceptance and knowing there is no time frame and I get a chance to do better the next day.  I called my brother who has been rehabilitating after surgery and he was in good spirits and seems to be doing well which really lifted my spirits.  We had fried rice for dinner and Gary said I must be rubbing off on him because he didn't finish his plate either.  Then, it was home to start packing but it was mainly laying out things.  Since I didin't have to work today, it waited until this morning to get everything into their proper bags.  I'm ready for a funfilled vacation.

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NAN said...

Sounds good to me! DS is still visiting- we haven't eaten out once but tonight my sis wants to meet us halfway at a British pub for fish and chips..fattening but I will consider it my birthday meal. Have fun on your vacation and maybe win some $$.