Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Anyone that knows me, knows that I tend to let little annoyances get to me and I tend to over react making something out of nothing.  That was the case with the calorie count on Sunday.  For once it wasn't about numbers on the scale.  But, it was still a number nonetheless that I let get to me.  It was another fight between the voices in my head ... one saying hey, you were at least trying and the other saying what were you thinking, you're a big . . .well, let's not go there, I don't want to see it in writing.  I was definitely putting blame on myself for not being fully aware instead of saying it was a learning experience ... which sounds like a familiar phrase.  Why can't I remember that ... but not remembering things aggravates me to.

I wanted to go Christmas shopping on my lunchhour but I knew, even before my MFP friends suggested it, that I needed to walk it off.  I wasn't using the walk for exercise purposes like some had suggested but for emotional reasons.  Walking does help clear the ramblings in my head, even though I was feeling conflicted.  I would just shop later. 

When I got back from lunch, I checked my blogger account and found I had over 100 comments on my blog.  I thought WOW some much needed help ... no actually I knew something was up because I only have a hand full of people that follow me, just like MFP.  I had been hacked continuing to get dozens of comments every hour through the day.  Now I probably won't see those few notes of encouragement that I do need. 

I overindulged a couple of days over the past week because of family activities and Thanksgiving and then the debacle on Sunday but I still hoped not to have a gain when I weighed in.  If I did I would just move on.  I guess I can say that now because I did have a loss of 1.25#.  Maybe I'm off my plateau.  I know that I need to keep pushing the envelope though.

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