Wednesday, November 28, 2012


As they say ... yesterday was "JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE".  It was kind of quiet, no celebrations, no Christmas goodies arriving yet to be tempted with.  I did head over to the mall on my lunch hour to get started on my Christmas shopping.  The mall is only a block from my office, so it's pretty convenient.  Before I headed out I knew what I was having for lunch.  Subway is still turned off from my radar and I thought maybe Chick Fil-A may work.  What I really wanted though was a turkey sandwich from our leftovers but Gary forgot to put the turkey in the freezer before we headed to Erick's so it went in the trash when we got home.  I'm still having a difficult time with quantity when I eat.  It's all habit but I'm used to having something more than one item when I eat.  I guess the only way to break habits is to start new ones so it was just the chicken strips for me.  I looked at the calories for the soup, fries and cole slaw and just didn't want to use them to bring down the calories I could have for dinner.  While I know it's important to pay attention when you're eating, I did try the diversion of people watching to help me not miss the fries too much.

I didn't make it to the gym because I had asked Gary to get all the Christmas stuff out so we could start decorating and I was faced with that when I got home.  I guess I did get some laps in by going around and around the Christmas trees putting on the beads.  I got one tree up and fully decorated and beads on another when I broke one of my ornaments and was getting tired and felt I was done for the evening.  I usually wouldn't decorate this early but we're having a big party a week from Saturday and we may be going out of town this weekend, so it has to get done, along with other things.  I guess I should make a list.

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NAN said...

Couldn't comment yesterday- I broke an ornament too; not in the mood I guess because I am not putting half of the ones I own on the tree! sorry about your turkey but you can always cook another one heehee.