Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Ir wouldn't come to that since I know how important blogging has become to me. I tried posting this morning in McDonald's but I guess the computer has a thing against McD's for some reason and wouldn't cooperate ... saying you brought me here but I won't ... I just won't.

Yesterday moved along really quick and I'm glad because I was ready to get on the road in anticipation of having my whole family together. My boss had me order pies for his Thanksgiving from our local deli and told me to get one for myself. I chose Pecan and later saw on Yahoo where Pecan Pie was one of the biggest culprits of overage of calories for the Thanksgiving meal. Over 400 calories for a slice. I will be doing some walking tomorrow to have a small piece of that pie. Gary drove me to work to save 30 minutes on oue drive, so I had to borrow my boss' car to pick up the pie order. It really makes me nervous driving someone else's car but I got back to the office with no dents, scratches, or missing bumper.

I didn't have a very healthy dinner being on the road but when we checked into the hotel pretty late, I made the point to ask about the workout room. Gary said ... are you serious and I couldn't believe the words actually came out of my mouth but knew I had to do something after indulging in those fries. I spent 20 minutes on the bike and was REALLY ready to call it a day ... since it was almost the next one when I got back to the room.

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Bernice said...

Only determination brings results. Good for you and I bet it helped you sleep better to!! Have a great #3 with the fam!