Monday, November 12, 2012


I weighed myself yesterday not knowing what to expect.  I had tried to hold my own on vacation but each day it became harder and harder.  When we got home I felt huge.  But, I was happy with the results. as I stepped off the scale.  It took a double checking of what I had reported the day before we left, when I weighed for the Holiday Challenge on MFP, but it was confirmed ... I was actually down two tenths of a pound which is a major victory.

We had our annual Thanksgiving Feast with our High School Reunion Committee yesterday.  There were ten of us which was a small attendance this year but there was still plenty of good food.  One of the ladies on the committee hosts the event and provides the turkey and dressing and the rest of us brings other traditional foods.  Food always taste better when you have a variety of cooking styles.  I brought my customary noodles and even they were pretty good.   You would have thought with seeing that I had lost during vacation that I would be extra cautious at dinner, but that didn't happen.  I don't know if it was just an atmosphere of fun and getting caught up with everyone but my emphasis went totally away from the thought of portion control.  I actually went back for a second helping which has been so unlike me and of course there was wine.  When I got on the scale this morning (my normal prelude of Monday morning weighing before my evening TOPS meeting) the evidence of the extra food was there.  But, it's okay ... I had my major victory.

So, TIS THE SEASON.  It has started early.  We will have two more Thanksgiving dinners to enjoy, as well as several Christmas parties, along with a birthday thrown in for good measure.  There was a time when I would say ... well, the first of the year is a good time to start a diet.  I always do well as a New Year rolls around but this time I'm hanging in there, just like I did on vacation ... planning for more good days than off days and who knows how successful I'll be bringing in the New Year. 

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Bernice said...

That's the perfect attitude to have to get you through the holidays. If you just say forget it till the new year it will be much worse! I know you'll do well. You have had lots and lots of practice!!