Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moment of Truth

I weighed in with my TOPS group last night. I hadn't been on the "official" scale since November 15. I felt that I held things together quite well the first couple of weeks after the "15th" and this was during a traveling period, so I felt very successful. But then the holiday season was in full swing and once we had our big high school reunion committee Christmas bash at our house it was downhill from there. Too many goodies around the house, at work, in stores, at restaurants, etc. I knew what I was doing but I did it anyway with the pretense that I had time to lose a little before I got back to TOPS. I found out how important facing the scale on a regular basis can be. It was a 4 1/2# gain but I'm glad to have that behind me and back to walking the straight and narrow. BUT, there is no weigh in next Monday because of the holiday so another two week gap. That will NOT matter this time. I will be weighing a couple of times a week on my home scale. I will not avoid it like I did. It will help me stay focused. The New Year is fast approaching and it will be a good one. One where goals will be reached and pleasant surprises abounding.

I need to form habits again. Bringing my lunch to work a majority of the time but when giving myself a break from that to have a pre-planned plan. Learn to tell myself no and then give myself a reason for why I made that decision. To try new things, even if I find myself falling flat on my face ... just knowing that I tried is something to be proud of. Reveal in what works and being willing to change what doesn't.

I will enjoy what I'm eating but will wait until it's time to eat on a scheduled basis with no surprises. It's time to starting journaling, measuring and blogging on a regular basis. Okay I hope to be off and running again starting about two hours ago.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I appreciate the kudos yesterday from Gertie, Ann and Nan but I slipped up in the evening with nuts and not using a proper measuring device. Let me tell you, your hand is not what you should be measuring with. The annoying little voice in my head kept saying "it's protein, it's protein" but I know too much of a good thing isn't good. I also kept hearing Stephanie words "Get rid of the nuts". They're from the party we had on Saturday and I spent too much to toss them, so I need to work on my discipline.

When overeating like this happens it makes me think about all the posts I read about food addiction and binging and I really don't think that's my problem. Addiction would mean if I didn't have it ... I would go out and get it no matter what. I would wake up in the middle of the night and tear into the cabinets. No, I don't think I'm addicted to food. I think I just have an addictive behavior that I need to work on. Much like a two year old throwing a fit when they don't get what they want. I've also never sat down and emptied an entire container of anything unless it was a snacksize package but no large tubs of ice cream, or family size bag of chips. There were still nuts left last night so I don't think I was binging, my behavior was just whacked up.

I will start working on my behavior and not food in particular and see what happens from there. I know I'm making this much harder than it needs to be, but it just what you deal with at the starting over process.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quit Saying You Will .... AND do it!

You've heard the expression about ... or get off the pot. I have been so wishy washy with my plan the last six weeks or so. I can point out that it's the holiday season, things can get busy and stressful but the truth of the matter is that I've been using LIFE and all that goes on in it at certain periods as an excuse to procrastinate and lose sense of priorities. I didn't get to the point of losing over 25 pounds with that type of thinking. I lost that weight by planning and doing . . . not wishing and hoping.

I want my groove back and while it's hard, I know it will only take a week or two of positive enforcement on my part to gain that once iron clad confidence I had back in September when I had my best weight loss month in the year. If I can get my act together now, the new year will take care of itself as I always go into a new year with fervor.

It has been so easy to say I'll start tomorrow. I've had years of that type of thinking and if I continue on my present course, I can have as many putting off until tomorrows as I want in the days ahead. But that's not what I want. I've always been the person who wanted instant results ... so, if I want instant results why don't I want to start NOW and keep doing what I need to be doing, then I'll see those results a lot quicker.

I can't let this destructive behavior become a way of life. I don't deserve the extra pounds any more than I deserve the overabundance of food I've consumed or the lack luster attitude that has developed from my choices lately but that's what I'll get.

It's only because of some habits I had formed over the past year that has saved me from going totally over the edge but you know what they say about giving an inch ... It has to stop and for me today was going to be the day.

I had a planned breakfast and I knew I had my "Smart Ones" lunch in the freezer at work. This is how I got started with my plan over a year ago and then again after falling off the wagon last spring, this plan helped me get back in rhythm in May when I found blogging. Not too many calories during the first part of the day, having a normal dinner and maybe a light treat in the evening, I was on plan and felt it was just a normal way of life, making good choices. I never felt deprived and it never stopped me for hanging out with anyone.

Oh, but then the lunchhour rolled around and I knew I wanted to go to the mall to pick up a few things. What's wrong with eating out? Mmmmm, chili sounds good since it's so cold out. Voices in my head going at it ... who was going to win. I had to take a stand. I had to start over and that meant frozen dinner. No, it's not as appetizing, but it's okay and dinner is the meal I look forward to on this plan. The other meals are just to sustain me and that hasn't bothered me in the past and looking deep in my heart and soul, it doesn't bother me now because of what I'll see and feel and hear and experience when the pounds start coming on again.

Once day at a time, one step at a time, one pound at a time. So far today I have found success. Got a feeling we'll be having chili for dinner tomorrow.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Yesterday was a good day. I felt more in control and the day was full of fun and enjoyment. We had our department lunch at a restaurant in downtown Indy. People were ordering pizza and pasta but I had soup and salad mainly because of my debacle with food the day before and I was fine with my choice. I love this particular restaurant's portebello mushroom soup. I ate slowly (which is another good habit I had gotten out of the habit doing) so I wouldn't be just sitting there when I was finished watching everyone else eat. We exchanged gifts and it was fun to watch the excitement on everyone's face as they opened their gifts, just like they were kids again. I received a very nice Christmas platter. Perfect timing with our party coming up on Saturday.

Last night was Jacob's Christmas program and I'm so glad that we are able to share in our kids and grandkids activities. They all have special meaning to me. The church was crowded but fortunately Stephanie got their early and we had seats.

Since Gary wanted to watch the Colts game and forgot to set the DVR, we headed home instead of our plan to stop for dinner after the program. We put together some tuna salad and mac n cheese and settled in for the game. I know that's not the best menu but I watched my portions and I felt okay partaking in this meal. However, as the evening wore on and I had already had my sugar free fudgie, I wanted more. More ice cream, cookies and popcorn were calling my name but I held my ground and got through the rest of the evening.

I still haven't been on the scale but this morning the slacks I wore were loose, so I hope that's a good sign. Maybe I can conjure up the courage to weigh in the morning.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Got to Get it Together

I feel like I've awaken a sleeping giant. Why am I wanting to eat everything in sight. Am I squashing emotions? I didn't post yesterday and that probably was a mistake. Maybe I should have posted something about my desire to find something to eat that is satisfying and it doesn't have to be hot dogs, french fries, candy or popcorn. Those were things that I reached for yesterday that I should have found a good substitute.

I do feel a little overwhelmed but it's not to the point that I'm frantic. In fact things are starting to come together with my plan to do first things first. My department luncheon is today and last night I got everything done that I was responsible for. Next in line is the party at our house on Saturday and I delegated things to Gary to help me with that. That isn't me. I usually want to handle it all but I've opened my eyes a little on that.

I'll work on Christmas cards and shopping after our party and then should be in good shape ... oh, I forgot about our company Christmas party which I coordinate, but that will be fine too. I just want to enjoy the season and have some fun along with it. Overeating junk is not to be considered fun and I'll keep reminding myself of that.

Tonight is my grandson's school Christmas program. If anything lifts my spirits, it's my grandkids smiling faces. I spent wonderful time with my three in Maryland last week and get to see the other two several times this week because of the Christmas programs. Who needs gifts when I have these living treasures.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to the Routine

It's back to work today and getting involved in something is good. Less time to ponder and think and make up these wild stories in your head. I have vowed to be more confident and also go with the attitude to do what I can do and move on. I know I can't have everything I want but I can also dream.

I didn't get on the scales this morning. That'll come tomorrow after I drink a ton of water today. I don't drink that much when we're traveling and I need to be primed to get the water flowing out of me.

I plan to do a little shopping on my lunch hour and also get a list together of some small things I would like. I had the disappointment of not hearing from my "Christmas Swap" person, so I guess she changed her mind. I had a small list started for her that I'll just expand on for family. Maybe it was divine intervention because of feeling I'm too committed right now and also feel that I'm behind in what needs to be done.

I have never worked with to do lists before but I need some structure in my life to lessen the overwhelmed feelings. It'll get done ... it always does and this time that includes taking off the weight. All the tasks in my life are one step at a time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue Monday

We're back on the road on the PA turnpike seeing the countryside covered in snow. The road is clear thankfully. We'll be sleeping in our own bed tonight and it'll be back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday evening seemed to be very frustrating for me with a work related issue and lousy performance by my beloved Colts. It's funny how such things we have no control over and really don't affect us personally have such a stronghold on our moods. Like taking an aspirin for a headache to dull the pain, chocolate sounded like it would do the trick. Good thing someone got to the dish before me and it was empty. We ate at an Italian restaurant last night and the portions were huge. So much that the amount I took home was overflowing in the takeout container I asked for In my frame of mind, I'm surprised I didn't eat the whole thing The scale this morning remained at 175 , so I know I at least maintained this trip..

My mood has switched from work and football to missing the kids and grandkids, wishing I still had kids at home to decorate with and play in the snow. Gary asked what was wrong and I said .. just life and he said I'm sorry I didn't know your life was so bad. It's not ... I'm so blessed with so much. So much to really feel guilty when I feel this way. I definitely need to put things in perspective.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What could be better?

I'm sitting here with a blanket wrapped around me listening to Christmas music with sounds of children playing in the background as I catch up on my book "Deliver us from Evil". A much needed slower pace. It will revitalize me upon our return to Indiana on Monday and all the activities at work and home I'm facing, including 3 parties, 2 school programs, shopping and probably weather, in the next couple of weeks. I always get a late start on my shopping but am way behind this year since I haven't even started yet. At times I seem to thrive under pressure ... hope I can hold it together this time.

Doing okay away from home with the eating. I'm definitely using portion control and hoping to hold my own. Getting down on the floor playing with the kids will have to serve as exercise or maybe getting up off the floor is THE exercise. I felt pretty guilty this morning when I found out that my DIL was at the gym ... not because I wasn't but because I was in bed asleep while she was. I'm really taking advantage of sleeping in while I can.

I did weigh on their scales the morning after we got here (on Thursday). I know every scale is different and I really didn't get on them to see what I weighed but to gauge what I'm doing while I'm here. I was down yesterday morning and this morning I didn't weigh ... I'll probably wait and weigh on Monday before we leave and see just how much of those portions I controlled.

Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

I was suppose to do this as soon as I read about it, but I'm a big procrastinator and also with traveling didn't get it done ... so, you only have a few hours to sign up. I saw on Kenz blog about this gift exchange and was to let all my readers know, so here goes.

Here is a list of the particulars that you need to know if you plan to participate:

* You must have a blog to participate! It's important because participants will be asked to post about the event on their blogs too. We want to see what everyone receives! :)

* This swap is only open to bloggers in the US. I heart my international friends, but shipping will be too complicated at this time of year. We should have come up with this idea sooner, right? ;)

* Don't be cheap! The gifts don't need to be expensive! They just need to be thoughtful and fun to receive. Fill the package with gifts that you'd like to receive. :) Think about how you want to feel when you open your package, and add a little "wow" to your gifts. You get the idea, right?

Here are some ideas in case you need examples:
~your favorite lotion
~Christmas ornament
~favorite candy or healthy food item

Find out things about your partner...this is also supposed to help you gain friends :) Have tons of fun with it!

* Each gift MUST be individually wrapped. You can number the gifts so your partner knows what to open each day or just write a note that it's okay to open them in any order.

* The package must be mailed out by Thursday, December 9...so that they can start opening their 12 days of Christmas on the 13th...please don't be that person that sends it late...

So here's what to do:

* Add a link to your blog at the bottom of this post

* Leave a comment with your e-mail address so we know how to contact you.

* Post about the swap on your blog and link back so others can join. Hey..they more the merrier right? :)

* Sign up before Friday, Dec. 3rd at noon central time.

* Wait for an e-mail with your swap partner's information and blog address.

If you have any questions you can email Kenz or Janna at: shrinkingkenz@gmail.com or atxbikegirl@gmail.com!

* You will have a partner by Saturday December 4th

Then let the shopping and shipping BEGIN!!!

This is such a great way to make new friends! Please join the fun and do your part to make this an incredible swap! :)

It'll Be a Cold Day . . .

I guess winter is here. I'll be covered up a little more with a coat and sweaters. The layered look will be in. That will not be any reason to hide those extra pounds because of the season. It'll just give me reason to keep on doing what I need to do to emerge like a butterfly once spring arrives. A new transformation both inside and outside.

Enjoying my time with the kids and grandkids and also able to sleep in and relax a little. This is the traveling I like. I did have a lot a food placed in front of me yesterday. We had lunch at a new restaurant for us here. It was a place that has brick oven pizzas, but I choose to have sandwich. I asked about splitting a sandwich but was told they weren't that big. 1/2 sandwich would have been plenty. Gary and I ended up getting different sandwiches and taking each other's leftover half. Have you ever noticed when a sandwich is cut in half there is usually one side that is smaller. So, I had two smaller halves. We also celebrated my son, Erick's, birthday at his M-I-L's. A chicken parm and pasta meal. I cut the smallest chicken breast in half (maybe half-sees is my new approach) and a small portion of pasta and loaded HALF the plate with salad. It was enough and I just ate slowly. Then out came the dessert. Truffles, cookies and TWO frozen delecacies from Stone Cold Creamery. I was fine with diving into the conversation and listening intently ... I didn't miss the sugar rush that the grandkids seem to have on the way home. All in all, it was a good day.

I mentioned I had a lot of food placed in front of me ... I usually don't like to post pictures of food because I'm afraid it will be tempting to other but this is what my granddaughter Katherine fixed for me.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Storm

After I wrote my post from the car yesterday, we started to see snow on the ground as we approached West Virginia. Once we got up in the mountains it was starting to get hairy. It was down to one lane on the interstate and the visability was well ... challenging. Once we got to a lower elevation there wasn't even any evidence of snow. We arrived safely and it was great to see the kids. Kim has lost three pant sizes and Erick continues to be very disciplined about his marathon training. He's sure to do well next month.

I still feel like I'm a newbie with the diet regimine. I'm still fighting the good fight but I lost some of my resolve by slipping or should I say "just getting by" for a couple of weeks. I found it difficult to forego bread yesterday ... the same as in the beginning. I did eventually get a handle on it before but it took several weeks into the program and I'm hoping after one or two failed attempts I'll finally GET it and be able to pass it by without a second thought unless I have planned for it. No, I take that back ... that's a copout. I'm done with the excuses. Bread will not be a stronghold over me. I'm in charge. Just like sweets do not bother me. Again, I'm in charge of when and where andy WHY I will consume such things.

Okay, I feel pretty strong and confident right now. I am in charge, I will make good choices. If I decide to eat something that is higher in calories, I will make modifications and control my portions. I will not use ANYthing as an excuse not to get to where I am going. I've will come through the storm unscathed.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Motoring On

It's not quite the Jet Setting lifestyle but it sure seems like it. As I write this we are headed east on I-70 toward Maryland. The fourth time we have been on the road in a little over a month. That can cause havoc on a diet but I'm hanging in there and I feel Thanksgiving at home was the real challenge.

Yesterday went well with no sidestepping on my plan. It was a quick day at the office and plenty to do with laundry and packing when I got home ... just no time for exercise and I'm missing it.

I thought yesterday about the Jet Setting life and how sophisticated those people are. Since I seem to be a Jet Set Wannabe now I should take some cues. I don't think those type of people hang out at McD's drive thru or choose chips over cavier. Of course fish eggs don't sound all that appealing so I would have to pass and have nothing. Yes HAVE NOTHING. Pass ... no thanks ... maybe later .. can do without attitude.