Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yesterday was moving day.  I had suggested going into Memphis for the day but Gary said since we were moving to another resort, it would be better if we went sightseeing later in the week.  We got an early check-in at the Veranda.  Our room was very nice on the first floor.  We could look out the window at the lake and there was a couple of trees just outside the window making a nicer few.  I unpacked a little and then we were off to have lunch.  I wasn't in the mood to gamble, so I took the shuttle back to the hotel to finish unpacking and to relax for awhile.  The complex where we are staying has three different hotels.  The adjacent hotel about 1/2 mile away has the spa area where the fitness room is located.  I changed into my workout clothes and headed over to the Terrace.  I hadn't walked very far when it started to drizzle.  That's okay, I wasn't going to melt ... well outside anyway, I had hoped to melt some of the fat while I was working out.  I got to the entrance of the hotel, only to find that it was closed.  I walked back to the Veranda (our hotel) and talked to the front desk.  They said yes, that the Terrace was closed but the Casino Hotel had a workout room.  I would have to take a shuttle to get there.  I was bummed.  The main reason was not because of the proximity of the workout room but that the Spa was closed.  The whole purpose of this trip for me wasn't gambling.  It was to relax, pamper and be good to myself.  I had accomplished that so far by relaxing with my Kindle, and working out but I had also planned to have a massage and to have my hair done.  I normally treat myself to a new hairdo for my birthday.  I missed it last year and my hair has grown quite long and I was ready for a change.  I was looking forward to doing this on our trip.  Oh well, sometimes you have to adjust the sails and keep on sailing along.

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Bernice said...

You are doing so awesome!! I'm very proud of you! See you can have it all! Just not all at once!! Good for you!!