Saturday, November 3, 2012


I started my vacation yesterday.  No alarms were set as we had no set schedule to leave.  But y'all know Murphy's law and I was up before the alarm would have gone off, if it had been set.  That's okay I had packing to do.

I needed to go to the bank on the way and it didn't open until 9:00 so it was kinda nice with no rushing and pretty much remembering everything when we were out the door.  I made sure that my hot rollers and the iron were unplugged so I didn't have to worry about that once we were on the road and there was no turning back. 

This is going to be relatively the most economic vacation we can take.  We're using HotWire for a room in St. Louis and all our rooms are compted in Tunica, along with meals.  We were going to stop at Mickey D's for breakfast on the way and I had a coupon for that.  Here lately I have been getting a fruit parfait but this morning because of the buy one breakfast sandwich get one free coupon, I was going to get the sausage biscuit.  We got in the drive-through line and Gary ordered.  We picked up the bag and I handed over his sandwich.  Mine felt lighter than normal and when I opened it up, I didn't see the sausage overhanging the biscuit ... I opened it up and gazed at a whimpy piece of bacon that had been cut in half to make two itty bitty pieces.  STRIKE #1.  That's not what I wanted ... AND I didn't eat it.  If I was going to expense the calories, it wasn't going to be on something I didn't want. 

We drove for a few hours and decided on an early lunch.  I punched restaurants in the GPS and saw there was a DQ at the next exit.  I love their BBQ sandwich and it fit into my plan, especially after no breakfast and we got off the interstate.  Guess what ... the DQ was closed.  STRIKE #2.  There was a Wendy's close by so it was one of their value chicken sandwiches and a baked potato.  Both were exceptionally good and tasted so fresh.

We hit a couple of casinos once we got to St. Louis and one had a promotion that you play for a little while and you earned a free buffet.  This is the same buffet that got me into trouble the last time we were there.  But, this time I had a plan.  I was going to eat veggies and more protein and forget about all the starchy stuff like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and dressing.  There was no STRIKE 3.  I stuck to my plan.  For some reason I needed quantity on my plate so I did load it up but it was still pretty full when I left because I mainly just took a bite of this and a bite of that and avoided the dessert all together.  I think I made it through vacation day #1 okay.

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Bernice said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with you! It sounds like you've for this one in the bag! Go Sheilah! Go Sheilah! Woot woot!!