Thursday, November 29, 2012


Still having tons of spam comments coming through on my blog.  It's such a pain and I don't know how people can get a thrill out of other people's struggles. 

Speaking of struggles ... yesterday was one of those days.  Some good ... some just testing me.  My boss bought lunch yesterday.  He wanted an antipasta salad from a local Italian restaurant.  I looked over their menu and chose a flatbread pizza appetizer.  I thought flat bread had a really cracker-like crust, so I thought I'd be okay but when I got back to the office, it looked like a regular pizza to me.  I could have devoured the whole thing but chose to each half (it was one of those small individual sizes) and put the rest in the breakroom.  I guess I was hungry in the afternoon and really had the munchies.  When I was busy, I was okay but at every break in what I was doing, I thought about just having a LITTLE snack ... but I got through it. 

I was really looking forward to dinner, even though I didn't know what it would be.  It's great to have a husband who can cook and do it well.  We had one of my favorites and it tasted ohhhh, so good.  I was even able to have a glass of wine and stay within my calorie limit.  In fact I was several hundred calories under .... BUT, I had changed that limit earlier in the week when I was upset and thinking I'm really stalled out ... could it be my calories are too low. 

It kept running through my head that I could have a evening snack watching TV, the calories were there ... but were they really?  I sparred back and forth and then did what I haven't done in a very long time.  I went to bed early just to avoid eating. 

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