Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Is that anything like "all in" when you're playing poker and you give everything you've got, but in this case it's just the opposite and you aren't taking any chances. Well that's not how this post was meant to read but maybe I do need to examine that angle. It originally meant I was all out of things to write about but I knew that I needed to post something to keep myself in line and strengthen this habit which is really helping me to achieve a goal. Yesterday's account would be pretty boring for the reader. Another day at the office. A unexciting lunch that turned out to be thrown in the trash half eaten and a family dinner which was a last minute arrangement but brightened my boring day. Lunch was a new variety of Lean Cuisine ... Ranchero Beef. When I picked up some frozen dinners at the store over the weekend, I just glanced at the picture and saw chunks of beef. I thought it was time to try something different but didn't bother to read the label. When it was in the microwave, I finally checked out the package and saw that it came with chipolte sweet potatoes. I've never cared for sweet potatoes and I'm not that much into mexican food but I would at least taste them. When the buzzer went off I saw the meat in some sort of sauce, all three pieces. What a gyp. I did taste the potatoes ... not to my liking and the sauce on the meat was much too spicy. I took a couple of bites and threw the rest away. Gary called in the afternoon. He was picking up Jacob and Gracie from school and said Jim had called and asked if we would have dinner with them at City Barbeque. I appreciate Gary checking with me. He's very in tune with me trying to loose weight and doesn't want me to have any conflicts with my diet. But there was no way I would pass up a family outing, even if I had to sit there with just a glass of water. Of course that didn't happen but restraint was in order ... no cornbread, no bun, just a few fries and plenty of green beans, along with the pulled pork. It was good getting caught up. So, there in a nutshell is my day. A little boring, a little exciting, some defeat, some victory. A nice balance and balance keeps me moving forward.

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Bernice said...

Yea I'm struggling to have anything to say too! Before when I was struggling I had no problems!? Well I do enjoy hearing about your day. All of it!! Haha the good, the bad, and the ugly!! It's good that you are doing so well. It's all so worth it!