Thursday, November 1, 2012


Translation ... Is My Slip Showing?
Translation ... Ya want fries with that?
Translation ... Enough of that . . .

Yesterday was an okay day.  Sometimes it's hard to wrap my head around something and I was having trouble doing a little exercise my boss wanted in comparing airline fares.  Did you know there were L fares and Y fares and M fares ... and even more letters?  I decided I needed a break and opted to go to the mall for lunch instead of having my frozen dinner at my desk.  I needed a change of scenery to help clear my head.  At the mall, in the food court, I was like a tourist in St. Peter's Square.  I did a 180 checking out my options.  I knew Subway was my best choice but it just didn't sound appetizing.  I think I have this hangup with Subway right now.  Maybe I've had too many other sandwiches that just taste better.  I contemplated Taco Bell but knew I'd be using a big percentage of my calories ... that and an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach all afternoon.  No to A&W ... no to that Italian place ... no to Johnny Rockets.  I guess it'll be Chick-Fil-A.  Chicken's good ... right?  Mayo and a bun would just add calories, so I chose chicken strips.  Remembering portion control, I ordered the three piece instead of the six like in the BYEgone days.  My slip up was that I ordered the meal or the combo or the ... ya know, I got fries with it.  I did continue to use my knowledge of portion control though and ate only half of them.  When I got back to the office I logged in my lunch knowing it was going to be on the high side but I did make some choices to bring down the number.  My shock was that the dipping sauce I used put an additional 100 calories in my calculations.  I could have easily done without it and will if given that choice again.

We drove over to Stephanie's to see the kids in their costumes.  They were already on the street and I snapped a couple of pictures.  When we got home, we saw there were kids out in our neighborhood too.  I went inside and emptied the two bags of Snickers into a basket.  The aroma of chocolate was strong. Mmmm, so that's what I've been missing.  Gary started dinner and I periodically answered the door to princesses, super heros, ninjas, and some characters I wasn't quite sure about.  The door bell stopped ringing and dinner was ready about the same time.  Gary made a new recipe ... chicken tetrazinni.  I got out my much smaller salad plate and put several spoonfuls on my plate.  When I sat down to eat, I knew that it was more than a cup and thought about what all little kids hear about cleaning their plates because of all those starving kids ... but I wasn't starving, in fact I was pretty full with half a plate left, so I stopped.  Later in the evening thoughts of those snickers kept popping into my head, remembering that aroma.  Why did Gary get Snickers?  When I bought Halloween candy, I also got Mounds and Almond Joys because I don't like coconut.  Why did he get Snickers?  Because he like snickers that's why ... oh well.  I may be taking a break from so much emphasis on what others are doing but that doesn't mean that I'm giving up.  I'm still trying to make the right choices and I just chose to go to bed early and leave the candy behind.

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Bernice said...

Good for you!! You are consistently making better choices will we ever be perfect? Nope! Never! But that's ok as long as the majority of our choices are better that's what counts! About Mondays weigh in. Is it possible you drank too much water during the day? I know for me when I was getting weighed in for something I didn't drink much at all that day!?