Sunday, November 18, 2012


We were suppose to pick up the big bird at 10:00 a.m. and I completed my grocery list prior to heading out the door.  It turned out to be around a 25# turkey.  When the butcher handed it to me, it felt hard and I asked if it was frozen because I had ordered a fresh turkey.  He said it'd be okay because it was just flash frozen.  I said, "so it will thaw in no time".  He agreed.  We continued through the store getting things on my list when I said we need stuff for the cobbler.  Gary said don't we have enough desserts (as two other people are bringing pies) and I said I wanted the cobbler and he proceeded to let me know that we always have way too much food and I lost it and started tearing up.  Of all the stuff being prepared, the cobbler was what I wanted for dinner.  I was going to allow myself this little treat.  It was my preference.  Why couldn't I have something that I would like to have.  He calmed me down and said we'd have cobbler.  Looking back, it's so ridiculous, I don't need dessert and why would something so irrelevent send me over the brink.  We brought everything home, proceeded to unpack the groceries, and the bird was still hard as a rock.  We began the thawing process in the sink in cold water and then headed out to lunch.  I had an asian salad and it really hit the spot.  I was still pretty edgy the remainder of the day where everything Gary and I said to each other sounded like someone was trying to pick a fight.  It was back to cleaning and setting up the tables and checking every 30 minutes on the turkey.  Changing the water and trying to get the innerds out of the cavity but there was so much ice in there.  I was starting to worry.  We wanted to brine the turkey and I was now thinking this was out of the question.  I guess clarifying my comment about it being thawed out in no time ... meant that there would be no time to prepare it the way we wanted.

We really didn't have much more time to fool with the turkey.  Tomorrow is my birthday and our daughter treated me to a ticket to the Symphony.  The three of us were going to dinner prior and I needed to start getting ready around 5:00.  We had a nice dinner and headed downtown for the performance which was the music from "West Side Story".  This is my all-time favorite musical.  We even had one of the songs sung at our wedding ceremony.  "One Hand - One Heart".  What I didn't realize was that yes,...  the orchestra was playing the music but the film was also being shown on a big screen with their acompanyment.   It was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed it so much after a stressful day.  Thank you, Stephanie, for a great present.

When I got home, I filled in my diary and couldn't believe the number of calories in my entree at dinner.  It was a whole day's worth.  Good thing I left half of it on my plate.  With it and a high calorie salad for lunch I was over for the day.  Par for the course and I can honestly say it's going to be pretty hard to stay under today, as well.

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