Friday, November 23, 2012

NEXT . . .

Well, I got #3 Thanksgiving under my belt .... It could have easily been OVER my belt as all the food was great.

I heard the bedroom door open a couple of times before I got out of bed yesterday morning and then sounds of little feet.  It's never an intrusion for me but such a sweet wake up call.  I eventually did get, up showered and got dress.  I anticipated dinner and it wasn't long before these wonderful smells started coming from the kitchen.  That reminded me of the pecan pie and that I better hit the pavement.  I said something to Gary because he usually welcomes the opportunity to get out while we're here because of his RLS.  I guess I misunderstood when I said I needed to walk and he said I need to take a shower.  I waited for him to him haw around until he did that and then when he was out of the shower, he was just sitting around and when I said something about going out to walk, I was told ... I'm all dressed, I'm not going for a walk and I guess I stormed out the door.  It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed my walk.  I do a lot of reflection while I'm walking .... this time it was on turkey and dressing and ... no, not really, I was just enjoying being outside and being thankful that our family is together.  When I was on the homestretch of my walk, I could see our car coming down the street.  It was Gary to see if I was okay and that I hadn't got lost in a strange neighborhood.  I was fine and didn't think I had even been gone that long.  I noticed one thing about the difference in Erick's neighborhood and ours is that ours is flat.  I remember a friend announcing quite often that she took a walk up "Killer Hill" and on my walk, I could relate with one stretch.  It wasn't that long or even probably that bad ... but I remember telling myself, just keep you head down and keeping walking.  I made it, but I was out of breath so I guess I got myself some exercise.

As I mentioned dinner was wonderful and I let myself .... I wrote couldn't help myself but changed it because I could but in this case didn't want too ... have a second helping of turkey and dressing.  I also had a small piece of the pecan pie and it didn't stop there and I also had some ice cream with chocolate sauce but something was different.  I didn't feel stuffed and I didn't feel guilty.  I knew that it didn't stop with that meal.  I would be back in control the next time I ate.  I planned ahead and I succeeded and now I'm finished with Three Thanksgiving Feasts.  Now it's on to the three Christmas parties that are on the calendar. 

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