Tuesday, November 20, 2012


TTTTTYesterday was my birthday and I woke up to greetings from my husband.  After I showered and got dressed, I headed downstairs to find a card and gift.  Gary is so thoughtful and ALWAYS gets the right card.  He just has a knack for it.  The sentiment was perfect ...

Whatever you wish for, I want to give you.
Whatever your dreams are, I want to help make them come true.
Whatever you're hoping the year ahead will bring, I want to walk beside you along the way, sharing the journey and enjoying our life together . . .

He got me a beautiful top and said the magic words ... it's probably too big.

I checked Facebook like I always do before I leave to go out the door and had a beautiful message from my DIL.  I am so lucky to have my kids spouses in my life ... they are truly like my own kids.

At work my birthday was celebrated after lunch by my department.  I was going to partake with the smallest piece possible of whatever dessert was presented.  The gal that was responsible for my birthday this year was sweet enough to make a very light dessert from sugarfree jello, strawberries and angelfood cake.  It was a very fun get together and we did a lot of laughing because it seemed like every other sentence out of my mouth was "well, when you get to be this age".

Then onto TOPS and facing the scale after what I had previously termed to be disastrous on Sunday but should have been meant to be a day where I let myself go for the sake of celebrating family.  I knew it wasn't the end of the world if I had a gain, that I'd just keep truckin' along and eventually take this weight off.  However, I got another birthday present.  No, it wasn't a loss but I DIDN'T gain and I was thrilled with that.  I only stayed and conducted the business part of the meeting and then I was off to head home and eventually have dinner with Gary.

He had called earlier in the afternoon and said ... I know where we can go for dinner that we haven't been to for a long time and they have one of your favorites.  It was the only place that I order ribs.  They are meaty and the sauce is just right.  I thought about it all afternoon after he called.  I was going to order a full rack to celebrate.  Then I came to my senses and decided a half rack would be as satisfying, remembering my vow about not going overboard again just because it was a special day.  I had left my phone at home yesterday and missed my son's call, so I called him back and when he said "Happy Birthday", I said yep, it has been.  I also had a card in the mail from a long-time friend I went though grade school and high school with that also had the perfect message and I really took the message to heart because I need to believe it.

Each year is a number-- but that's just the start
Try counting the friendships you hold in your heart.
Then count the good deeds that you so often do.
You might have to stop at a million or two.
Count things you've accomplished and kind words you've said
Count places you've been and good books you have read.
Then count, if you can, all the lives that you touch
With your everyday caring that matters so much.
The difference you've made will be perfectly clear
And you'll know why your birthday counts more every year.

Then it off to Oak 'n Barrel and I kept repeating to myself ... half a rack, half a rack, half a rack.  Guess what I was greeted with on the whiteboard inside the door.  "SPECIAL OF THE DAY ... ALL THE RIBS YOU CAN EAT FOR $........ I shrieked No, No, No.  I ended up with .... wait for it ... wait for it.  Yep, 1/2 rack of ribs.

It was a wonderful birthday.


Bernice said...

That's so awesome! You have overcome so many daemons this past year. I know your looking forward to an even better year next year!! I'm so happy for you! You realize that there are so many more important things in life besides food!! Why did it take us so long to realize that??

NAN said...

That's nice! Happy birthday! Are you a scorpio or like my sister the one after (mine is 11/7 and hers is 11/24 10 years later). I had a good morning- delivered 5 turkeys and gift cards and had one client tell me I was the first person to anything like that for him. It brought tears to my eyes- he is high functioning MR and works but no way could he support himself on minimum wage. Anyhow you did great, gal- with your weigh-in after vacation and your ribs! P.S. did you like the top? My DH was good at picking out gifts but he never looked for sale items like I do hahaha.