Thursday, November 22, 2012


As I mentioned in my last post, before we got on the road yesterday morning we stopped at McDonald's.  As we walked in Gary said ... want your sausage biscuit.  Of course he was kidding but that used to be my morning staple when we were traveling.  However, this morning it was the fruit parfait.  One of these days I may treat myself ... perhaps next spring or summer but not this week where I have to pick my battles.

Normally our drive to the kids involves driving in the rain but it was a beautiful fall day.  I didn't even put a jacket on as the comfy sweater I had on was warm enough.  We didn't have any traffic problems but as we got closer to D.C. it seemed like everyone there was headed out of town because the other side of the highway was really thick and backing up.

We got to the kids and the granddaughters were busy doing their crafts.  Earlier in the week Kim had asked everyone to email her with three things that we are thankful for.  Here is the result of her request, a Thanksgiving Tree, it was awesome.


Erick took us out for my birthday dinner which was at a chili place.  I splurged with Texas Chili pie.  It's made with fritos.  I did leave alot of chips on my plate though and just enjoyed family conversation.  I'm really thankful we're all together, especially at this time of year.

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