Monday, November 19, 2012


Another quick post this morning.  I'm running on fumes from the busy weekend.  It was oh so hard getting out of a warm bed this morning.

I finally got up around 7:00 yesterday morning after not sleeping well, dreaming about frozen turkeys and thinking we should get the turkey in the oven really, really early to make sure it gets done even though Gary said it only needed to roast for four hours.  But it was such a big bird.  I worry too much, I know that.  But, that's me.  But, it wasn't all about me ... I just didn't want dinner to be ruined for others.  Confidence, Sheilah ... have some confidence.

Our dinner went fine.  We had three tables set up for our 20 guests and since we couldn't have everyone at one table passing the food, I set up tables in the entryway to put the food out buffet style.  Yep, all I need is another buffet after vacation.  We sure had lots of food.  It was good having so much family with us but I sure wish there were five more to make it complete.  Our son and family live in Maryland and times like this, I really miss them ... but we'll be with them on the REAL Thanksgiving and I'm so thankful for that and that our daughter and family we'll be there, as well, so our entire immediate family will be together on the holiday.

After everyone left, I started the LONG task of logging my food into MFP.  I couldn't believe how the numbers went up, and up.  I don't know why I couldn't believe it ... I ate a tremendous amount of food yesterday.  However, I didn't have any cobbler.  Not because I wasn't going to eat it, it was because it was never made.  At first, I was miffed, but it was okay.  I really didn't need it.  I never thought I was an emotional eater and maybe I wasn't at one time, but I know that I am now and I should keep reminding myself of that.  Especially the emotions of being nervous or uncomfortable.  Looking back maybe I ate as much as I did because I felt I had to have some of everything because people went to the trouble of preparing it and bringing it to my home.  I should show my gratitude about eating what they brought or I would be insulting them.  But, I realize now that shouldn't be the case.  I wouldn't eat something that I had a allergic reaction just to say thank you.  I should be able to say thank you and that would be enough.  That way there would be extra for someone else to have my share if there wasn't enough or they could afford the calories.  One thing about logging, it makes you go a little deeper into your eating than just eating.  In this Thanksgiving season, I'm thankful for what I'm learning and I know that I will not eat two days worth of calories again.


NAN said...

Good for you- I did well at the church brunch yesterday but more because it wasn't homemade food LOL. What a nice Thanksgiving you will have! Since I was the first one who moved far from the family home, I don't even think about us all getting together then. DD and family will be in Louisiana visiting soninlaw's 93 year old grandpa and my other two kids live far from home. You must get a lot of vacation! I have to pick up 4 turkeys and gift cards and deliver them soon- I chose the recipients so they will be surprised and happy YAY!

Bernice said...

That's awesome that you get to spend the real thanksgiving with all the people you are most thankful for! Have a very blessed thanksgiving!