Saturday, November 17, 2012


Never ... not even striving for it, because I know that it's pretty much impossible.  But ... yesterday was a pretty good day.  Seems like Fridays usually are because I either have the day off or only work until noon and mornings always pretty much fly by.  My boss came in an hour before I was to leave and had a list of things to do but I was only a few minutes late getting out the door and starting my weekend which was going to be a busy one.

I got home fixed lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup and started in on picking up the house.  We have 20 coming over for dinner on Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I also started making a grocery list which made me recall our dinner with Gary's brother and his wife a few days before.  That night after dinner we talked about Sunday's dinner and they started making a list of things they were going to bring which seemed to be about everything but the turkey.  I know they were being kind and considerate and helpful and all of those good traits but I did feel a little let down.  Gary does 99% of the cooking now and I really don't think I'd want it any other way but I do enjoy hosting big family and friend events.  It's work but I enjoy it and it brings back that feeling of being needed that I seem to struggle with since the kids are adults now and Gary is retired and does more domestic things.  It will all just be fine ... I'll put on a few extra touches and we'll just have more food than anyone would ever need.  But, it is Thanksgiving and doesn't that happen anyway.

Well, got to head to the store, so a fairly short post today.


NAN said...

Have fun! Sunday is the day I don't do much work so I'll be relaxing while you are working LOL. I did walk for 30 minutes this morning, bake a batch of cookies I froze and then went to the little Hallmark store and bank. Now I am thinking about making some more cookies- I double bag them and they don't tempt me at all and getting the rest of my Christmas things out. Growing up, Mom used to host huge holiday dinners- we ate at noontime too and she did almost all the work and should have had me help more!

Bernice said...

Sounds like lots of fun! So that's the #2 thanksgiving. I'm guessing the #3 is actually on thanksgiving day? Who will be there for that one?? Have fun!