Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was ready to face the music after a week of buffets.  I felt that I just didn't use the excuse it was vacation time and I could go wild but I thought ahead and made some plans to hopefully hold my own.

Yesterday was a weird day.  Of course it was hard getting up and heading off to work.  It is ... even when I haven't had over a week off.  But something just wasn't in sync.  I had this cloud hanging over my head where something just wasn't right.  Nothing was going wrong but I felt that I had to be very careful not to screw anything up.  Maybe that's a good thing to slow me down, to double check things, and not to make rash judgments.  But for some reason I felt uncomfortable walking in my own shoes.

It was a yucky day, it was raining when I left for work and later, I remember while in my boss' office, I looked out and saw these big snowflakes.  I don't think I'm ready for this.  With it looking dark and gloomy, I just ate lunch at my desk which would help my weigh-in, but I really should have gotten out and walked.  Walking always comforts me.

I kept pretty busy and the day flew by and it was time to go to my TOPS meeting.  We are now meeting in a new place which didn't help my mood.  Even though the people were the same, the setting was strange and unfamiliar.  On the way to the meeting, I questioned my ability as a leader.  I really hadn't prepared a program for the meeting and felt I wasn't doing that good of a job in the role to which I was elected.  I'm telling you it was a weird day. 

It was time to weigh in and I was a bit nervous but knew I wasn't going to have that normal huge vacation gain, so I was pleased about that.  The weight didn't bang against the top, so I knew that was good.  I did have a loss of 1/4# which was fine.  It was something to build on.  My meeting really went great.  I brought an article I printed out right before I left the office to read about eating habits and got a lot of participation and even shared some things I was faced with on vacation.  It was a good weigh in, a good meeting and I guess it turn out to be a good day, even though it was a little weird.

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Bernice said...

It's always hard to get back in to reality after some time off! I always feel a little weird when I'm off work for a while! I'm glad your day ended well tho!