Thursday, November 15, 2012

OUGHT OH . . .

I'm finally feeling like I'm getting in the swing of things. Not quite doubting myself as much like earlier in the week. I just get aggravated at myself when I'm not as detailed as I should be or let things fall through the cracks. I need to ask more questions to get answers I need instead of thinking I'm intruding on those I need the information from. I guess it's the insecurity in myself. Maybe more about that later.

I couldn't face another meal out of a box at my desk for lunch and since I haven't exercised all week, I felt I needed to get out and walk, even if it would be a short walk. I bundled up and headed for the local chili parlor. Chili tasted pretty good on a blustery day. I did my normal thing but when I logged in my calories thought that I could have easily eliminated the cheese and crackers .... or not? That the way I like it but when you're only allocated 1210 calories, an extra 200 is alot. Almost 20% of my daily allotment. I guess you do have to pick and choose wisely. I've opened up my food diary on MFP and I thought that might help me become more conscious and not want others see the red ink, but as long as no one is criticizing me, I guess it's no big deal. I do hate to go over but I usually don't log until after I've eaten and don't realize what I'm doing until I've done it. Anyway, I need to do better if I want to see better results at the scale.

We were invited over to Gary's brother's house for dinner last night. I had no idea what was being served. I guess I could have called my SIL and asked, but I thought that would be rude. You would have thought I would have shaved off as many calories as I could before dinner to be on the safe side but I'm still on the road to success and sometimes I don't quite know the best route.

She had Chicken Parmesan with corn and mashed potatoes. I was going to concentrate on the tasty chicken and just had a small spoonful of corn and potatoes, along with a salad. I passed on the rolls even after a question that I asked about honey on the table made the conversation turn to how great honey was on the rolls. I ate slow and enjoyed our conversation and thought I was home free. Until it was time for dessert. It was a cherry pie they had picked up on the way back from St. Louis from a restaurant they recommended to us. I immediately thought ... they went to extra effort to get that pie ... just for us. I caved and took my serving WITH ice cream, BUT ... I only ate a few bites and shoved the rest over to Gary. I know that wasn't fair to him, as he also wants to lose weight but I didn't just want to leave it half eaten on the table. Steve made the comment ... "too sweet?" and I admitted, no ... just watching what I eat.

I logged when I got home and I was over for the day ... but not by very much. I guess it was just a maintain day and I'm going to be okay with those through the end of the year. Really, I am. They're not going to be my goal each day but ... or well, I guess I do need to try harder.

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NAN said...

I'm tired of maintaining and I vow to do something about it! We can do it.