Friday, August 31, 2012


Yesterday was a hectic day. So busy that I really didn't have a lunch hour. I ate at my desk and seemed to rush through it ... not good. I think you should be able to take your time when you eat and really think about what you're eating. I think that way the thought stays in your head longer and you don't mistakenly think you're hungry because you don't remember the pleasure.

At least I had a great meal for dinner. Gary said he fixed an old recipe of mine. Probably one that I pulled out of a magazine or newspaper and didn't try as I was never very adventureous. It was terrific. It was a cube steak with a mushroom sauce. I had it along with leftover green beans and leftover roasted potatoes on my small salad plate that was filled.

We're going to the Chicago area for the long holiday weekend so I spent the rest of my evening doing laundry, ironing and packing. I'm also keeping in the forefront of my mind that I can eat sensibly while we're away. I've proved to myself through the last couple of trips this can be done.

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NAN said...

I bet you do great! I am sitting here eating a bowl of my butternut squash chili LOL but I might have a glass of red wine later. I have finished my work for the month and am looking forward to less clients although I will miss them. My weight is down 4 pounds since I moved the scale to the kitchen heehee.