Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Boy, it's hard to get back blogging when you've been away for a few days and even harder when what you're going to write isn't what you really wanted. We had a terrific weekend in the Chicago area but what I thought were decent choices actually weren't. We didn't take a computer with us because of the extra charge for WIFI and used my Kindle and the hotel's business center which wasn't all that convenient when trying to make restaurant menu choices.  I thought I was doing pretty well, with the exception of yesterday's lunch, until I started entering in my data this morning.  I know that I'm just estimating using generic information but even estimating high, it's obvious I had way too many calories.  Whatever the scales say tonight will have no bearing on what my plans are for now or tomorrow and that is to continue to be aware of what I'm eating and my portion sizes.  If I continue with a positive attitude, I know I'll make less mistakes than I would if I would abandon the whole program.  I will continue learning from my mistakes and tweaking my eating plans when on the road.

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NAN said...

So did you enjoy Chicago? Both my older kids were born in the suburbs there but I haven't been back for many years. I still have a niece and cousin who live there though. Now you can get back on track-this past weekend I ate too many crackers of all things. Publix had hummus BOGO and I bought 2 cartons and should have used veggies to dip LOL. I threw the rest of the box out! I'll be home until Friday so that is a positive.