Saturday, August 25, 2012


I had yesterday afternoon off and went I got home Gary had the rest of the day planned.  He had given blood last week and got a free movie pass.  That would make two that we had laying around.  He had been wanting to see Bourne Legacy but the problem was that the movie started at 1:00 and we hadn't had lunch and only had about 20 minutes to spare.  His suggestion was to stop at Rally's which is a minute or two away from the theatre ... get a quick bite, eating in the car and head to the show.   I tried to calculate in my head and agreed.  Scarfing down food isn't good so I tried to go slow with my two hot dogs and savor the taste ... I know savoring the taste of a hot dog?  I probably should have just had one but I wasn't having any fries ... I know, I know.

When we got in the theatre, we found out that the passes were good at AMC and the theatre we went to was now Regal.  Disappointment and a plan crash ... what to do.  We decided to head north to a shopping center that has a Marshall's.  I did some research to find retail outlets that carry the brand of cookware that Gary likes and found that Marshalls and TJ Maxx carry it.  While we were headed that way we talked about the movie and decided to try to see if we could go to the theatre where the shopping center was.  The movies don't always start at the time posted because of previews and such so we thought we'd give it a try as it was only ten minutes away.  We made it ... the only thing was that there wasn't any time to get popcorn.  I think that's the first time in our married life we didn't have popcorn when we went to see a movie and that's a GOOD thing.  I enjoyed the movie.  It kept you on the edge of your seat.

We did go to Marshalls after the movie, made a quick stop at the casino, stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel and arrived in Greensburg to watch a high school football game where a friend of ours was coaching.  It was a terrific game with alot of comebacks from Edinburgh but they couldn't pull out the victory this week.  This is the start of the third season Bill is coaching and you can really see improvement but every week isn't going to be THEIR week ... just like us in our goals.

When I got home I entered my food into MFP ary and was over by 100 calories.  It was that biscuit I had at dinner ... darn.  Still a problem with bread.  I really need that smart phone or a smart dieting brain.

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