Friday, August 3, 2012


Yesterday when I got up I was still out of sorts because of the car deal.  I don't understand why I can't just accept thing and move on.  I mean I eventually do, so why do I allow myself to hold on to such a non productive frame of mind.  Maybe it just takes me longer to grasp the obvious.

As I mentioned earlier I started using MyFitnessPal on Tuesday.  I don't quite understand it yet but think I'll try it for awhile just to use as a diary for my food.  I need to be aware of what and how much I'm eating and I can convert it into points.  It's just another form of journaling.  When I first entered my info, it said that I could be at 196 by sometime in September.  I thought mmmm, that's okay.  I'd like to be lower, but that's okay.  Then I pondered further ... geez 196 that's barely under 200 ... I have so far to go.  Why did I let myself get back to this point.  Then more confusion.  When I entered my first full day of food on Tuesday night, it said if I continued to eat like that I'd weigh 191.7 in 5 weeks.  Wow, that would almost be in the 80's ... definitely feeling good about that.  On Wednesday night after dinner and entering my food for the day, it said if I continued to eat like that I'd weigh 196.5 in 5 weeks.  Wow, I gained 5 pounds in one night.  Confusing, huh ... heart wrenching ... it could be if that's what I'd fool myself into thinking.  I know that is all averages and speculation with the data that was entered but with stinkin' thinkin' I could go off the deep end. 

After having all this rattling around in my brain, when I came downstairs yesterday morning, I decided to get on the scale.  I had two good days under my belt, and I knew I'd see a big loss because some of it would be water, bloat from vacation, air, blood sweat and tears ... you know all of that computes to a big number when you're first getting it back together.  WOW, 1.8# lost.  Are you kidding me?  No, that's good, I'm okay.  I don't weigh in until Monday and maybe then I'll see my big number.  Nothing to panic about.  Stay on the plan ... check my attitude and move on.

I had a Smart Ones for lunch and took a 30 minute walk.  I didn't play any games along the way, I just tried to walk and clear my mind.  I'm one that thinks too much.  This is just an off day emotionally and I reminded myself I'm taking one day at a time.  Nothing happened that was earth shattering.  I know I'm on target and I keep reminding myself it's going to be a long process without overnight results, no matter how nice that would be.  I've decided to stay away from the scales until Monday morning.

While walking, I went past the Government Center and saw that a Farmer's Market was in progress.  I heard they do this once a week.  But amongst the fresh produce, honey and flowers were food trucks selling pizza, tacos, BBQ.  There must have been 8 or 10 of them ... talk about a mixed message ... and I didn't think that one up.


Cowgirl Warrior said...

Thanks for your comment. We can do this, one step at a time.

Matt Hirschfelt said...

Don't stress over smaller numbers than you're hoping for. Everyone loves to see the big losses, but if you're losing one to two pounds per week you're moving in the right direction. Remember that weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. And make sure to log your food in My Fitness Pal religiously so you can get a handle on all of your nutrition goals!