Monday, August 27, 2012


Still couldn't quite get in the mood to be very productive yesterday. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was the first one up but that really didn't count for anything. When I got up this morning I had the feeling of life passing by and not taking advantage with the time I had. I remember that feeling from the past and it just wasn't true. I did get some things accomplished ... just nothing large, bold or major but that's okay. Yes, I could have done more but the things that I might have tackled didn't have to be done with any urgency, so it's okay and I shouldn't feel good, bad or indifferent about anything. Just let it be, and move on and if anything was to learned that's great. The lack of motivation I speak of prior has nothing to do with my motivation to stick to my program. I'm still there and now that I have a month under my belt there isn't as many questions rolling around in my head about ... is this going to be my time? There's no doubt if I keep doing what I'm doing that I will have success. I KNOW the scales tonight will see a loss, I just don't know how much but for once, I'm anxious to weigh-in.


NAN said...

Good for you! I took my bath scale and put it in the kitchen and it is helping! I made a big pot of taco soup and have pretty much just been eating that the last few days and I had a nice loss too. Crazy had the scale can dictate our mood. I have been busy all day- last week of the month is a big one for me so why do I wait so long? i hate to procrastinate but seems like so much to do that last week!

Bernice said...

Wow!! It's so good to hear you talk with so much confidence!! The longer you go the stronger you get. I have found that out! We are going to stay at a lodge on skyline drive. No I'm not really worried about how I will do. I have been put in quite a few suituations that could have been very dangerous for me but I have succeeded through most of them. If I dont that's ok because this time I actually am able to get right back to it before it gets out of hand!! I know that will be you too!! We are determined!!