Sunday, August 19, 2012


I found this post when we got home.  It was the first day of our trip.  Synopsis tomorrow.

We are in St. Louis.  Had a real good day yesterday.  Trying to relax while staying focused on my weight loss journey.  We had lunch at winery and I had a fruit spring salad.  It was on the small size and lots of different greens which I usually pushed my nose up at but actually it was very good with a raspberry vinigrette dressing.  We did some shopping at a "Mills" outlet center and while Gary had an afternoon snack of strawberry ice cream, it didn't bother me going without.  I actually held it for him while he popped into one of the stores to check out something.  It helped that I don't like strawberry ice cream that well.  Ended the evening at a Japanese Steakhouse and I left a lot of food on my plate.  Working on another loss while traveling.

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Bernice said...

YAy! Good for you!! It feels so good to be in control!