Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm still not in the groove I want to be.  I'm back to posting and logging food but the exercise isn't where it was when I first started.  I have been extremely tired this week but that's the exact reason why I SHOULD be out taking a walk after dinner.  I did get out and walk on my lunch hour yesterday but it was really pushing myself to do it.  I think that takes away from motivating myself.  Maybe with a few consistent days under my belt, I won't feel that way.  I'll be like Nike and just "do it". 

I believe a lack of energy prevents you from being on your game.  Not only did I have the inner struggle of walking yesterday but I also was jousting with myself about my lunch choices.  The frozen dinner called "lunch" in the office freezer just didn't seem to cut it for me.  I felt I needed a little more excitement. ... something like a chili cheese dog.  Since I am becoming more aware of my goals, I plugged it into MFP and didn't like the numbers or should I say the numbers left for the remainder of the day.  I knew Gary would be fixing something great for dinner.  Okay ... trying again, this time just chili.  Nope, guess it will be the salisbury steak from Smart Ones.  That's when I figured that I'd go ahead and use most of my lunch hour to walk and I'd really be ready to eat when I got back and anything would taste good.  I got through it.  I did what I needed to do and I didn't look back.

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Bernice said...

I know exactly what you mean sometimes it's hard to make yourself walk. Especially if you are like me. I have never been a walker or an exerciser at all!! We have to just push through days like that. You are doing so good!! Thanks for your support it really helps. Don't seem to be getting a lot elsewhere!!