Monday, August 13, 2012


I couldn't believe it was 9:30 when I woke up yesterday.  I certainly have caught up on any lost sleep over the past few days.  I guess that's a good thing as they say adequate sleep is necessary in the weight game.  Is it actually sleep or do they mean rest?  I haven't been very relaxed lately so I'll take some tranquility in any fashion.

Gary wanted to stop at the outlet mall in Michigan City on the way home.  He's on a mission to find some Tivoli cookware.  He had bought a griddle quite some time ago and it has really held up well, even resistant to scorch marks that come off easily when being cleaned.  We forgot about the time change and arrived at the mall about 15 minutes prior to its opening.  So we just sat on a bench and people watched.  It was nice just to sit and relax.  They don't seem to sell the cookware in sets but we scored some individual pieces.  We also went into Van Husen.  Keeping my heights high about losing weight, I didn't feel the need to buy anything here but it will be a store I'll definitely shop in when I reach goal.

As I always do on Monday mornings when I'm "with it" in the program, I got on the scale.  It wasn't under the 200 mark as I had wanted to see but I'm still holding out hope for tonight's weigh-in at TOPS.  If it doesn't happen or even if it does, I know my downfalls of the weekend ... and it was over the weekend that it happened. It was ice cream on Friday afternoon and too much bread in general.  I need to hold onto that assessment and remember it when we are gone for the longer weekend coming up.  

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Bernice said...

Wow! Crazy weekend!! Good for you sometimes just being so much more aware of things is a huge improvement. I think you did great. I know that in the past weekend getaways have been a struggle for you. Walking away without any gain or even a small loss is awesome. Keep up that awareness. It is what is keeping me going strong for once. Glad you are ok!