Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Actually it's not Friday but it is the last day I'm working this week, so today will be easier than most to get through.

Yesterday was just an average day.  The only thing going on at work is that something is wrong with the building a/c and most people are hot under the collar.  Not me, I'm very cold natured and it just feels comfortable to me.  Most of the time I'm wearing a sweater.  I got back to my walking gig and walked for about 40 minutes on my lunch hour.

I knew that Gary was watching Jacob and Gracie yesterday and that he probably wouldn't be cooking dinner.  There's really nothing in the house to fix and since we're going away on Thursday and he has a Scout Dinner tonight I knew he wouldn't be going to the store.  All's fine as long as I know where we're going to have dinner, so I can do some quick calculations. 

It ended up being a local pizza place ... Jockomo.  They have the best spinach salad and my plan was that and one slice of the pizza Gary would be ordering.  I am really being more conscious of how I eat.  I'm taking smaller bites and savoring the taste.  It's taking me much longer to eat that way and that's good.  I so enjoyed my salad last night and I actually finished after Gary which is unheard of.  Usually I'm sitting there watching him eat and wanting more.  Live and learn

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Bernice said...

Funny how things happen for a reason! That episode over the weekend really taught you that you have to slow down on your eating. Hmmmmm I wonder who engineered that?? Haha. God know what we need even before we do! Awesome for you today is your Friday. I'm not sure where you guys are headed but I know you have stocked up in the tools you need to make it another successful weekend!! Keep up the good work!! Doesn't it feel so good to accomplish things you didn't think you could do? Have a safe and cin trip!