Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Off and Running ... Positive and Determined ... Keep it Rolling
Tuesdays are probably my worse days for feeling wiped out. It's hard to drag myself out of bed. Mondays are bad ... but because of TOPS and being on the go until 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. and trying to slow down from the weekend, Tuesday is usually a downer when it comes to energy.
No time for breakfast or maybe I've just got into that habit lately. Is that part of my energy problem? My stomach isn't growling or rumbling, so why not wait until lunch and save the calories. I know that's not the best way to think and I need to start planning better. Around 10:30, I decided I did need something before lunch to keep me from overeating once I got started. I dug a buck out of my billfold and headed to the vending machine. I must have been somewhere in la-la land, because when I got there, I put my money in the soft drink machine. It spit out my change, so I had no opportunity to get my money back. I pushed the diet coke button and headed back upstairs to scrounge out some change to cover the peanut butter crackers that I originally went down to get. Back downstairs ... at least I was getting some exercise from getting up and down from my desk chair. Low and behold no crackers. What I would normally do, would be to get something else ... anything to make the trip worth it. It would probably be the 99% sugary candy bar but this time I just walked away empty handed with lunch less than two hours away. At lunch I chose Subway. I knew I'd be able to track the points and decided to go with double meat (turkey). For some reason I thought that would make the sandwich taste better. I really didn't want Subway but I knew it was a wiser choice, so I guess I felt I needed to work some magic to keep me from being bummed out the first day back to the program.
Normally I would spend the rest of my lunch hour either reading or people watching but today decided a walk was in order with my extra 30 minutes. At TOPS on Monday the other article that I read was about exercising being fun. We went over several sporting activities we may have done as a kid that may work into a routine now. There were a few that I only tried once like tennis, ice skating and riding a bike. I really don't mind riding a stationery bike so maybe getting an old used bike might be worth a try but right now walking is simple and can be enjoyable. At the meeting I talked about how distractions while you are doing an exercise gets your mind off of .... counting repetitions or watching the clock. Like the alphabet game you played as a kid when traveling. So, that's what I did as I set off on my noontime walk. I looked for something that that started with an "A" ... automobile, no problem. I moved right along until I came to "K" ... where's a knight in shining armor when you need one. After walking a block I saw Key Bank and their logo a key. Sometimes it was hard just thinking of words with that particular letter to look for. I should have looked for a knot but didn't even think of that. "Q" was the next stumbling block as I turned to walk on Monument Circle. I could say that Christ Cathedral is a quaint church or the people in front of the Symphony building were quirky or that bicyclist that just past me was quick but those were adjectives and that would be bending the rules. As I turned the corner ... Qudoba's. I finished the alphabet using "X" and "Z" in signs that had those letters but I needed to get back to the office so I guess I did bend the rules but I also exercised without really thinking about it and the time went by so fast.
Gary fixed smoked sausage, green beans and potatoes for dinner. I would have much rather had the fried version but I'm adjusting and now writing down what I eat and the point count and this way gave me more volume. We had talked earlier about going for a walk after dinner when it cooled off. I want to work exercise into my program but I'm just not in the gym mode yet. It got to be 8:45 and I finally said I'm going for a walk. We headed out for a 45 minute walk and I felt good about my day.


Debbie said...

I love walking, but I live in Mississippi and if you walk here it has to be early in the morning or late in the afternoon due to the heat. I also love vension and eat it often.

Bernice said...

Good for you!! I'm so happy you are back to it too! Keep up the good work! Every good choice we make adds up to a better life.