Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday was a very non-productive day at work.  Nothing pressing and my boss was in a meeting most of the morning.  When lunchtime rolled around I knew I had my "Smart Ones" lunch in the freezer but it didn't sound very appealing.  It wasn't raining, so I really did have a choice whether to have it or go out and get a bite and get a walk in.  I haven't been walking like I'd really want but I could still do that with whatever choice I made about what I was eating for lunch.  I had to run an errand to our attorney's office which was right across the street from Paradise Cafe, so my choice was made.

I was in line waiting when I heard someone call my name.  It was one of my co-workers and we chatted in line for awhile and being polite I asked her to join me.  My plan was blown ... there obviously wasn't going to be a walk.  I mean I couldn't eat and run, leaving her sit alone ... could I?  If I did, I risk the chance of her thinking badly of me.  I'd be rude ... I'd be mean ... I'd be using stinkin' thinkin'  I AM learning.  We sat, ate and talked about her daughter's upcoming wedding and after I finished eating, I took another five minutes or so and then said ... well, I wanted to get some of my walk in and that was that, off I went.  

Yesterday I spent some time to go over my early blog posts.  I was curious about how my progression went when I did so well a couple of years ago.  I knew that I had lost close to thirty pounds by my birthday in November back then and kinda of wanted to track it to see how close I'd be this time around.  I was surprised to see that I went from August to November without a gain.  I was doing exactly what I'm doing now.  I was tracking my food and blogging.  I was in the groove proving to myself I had it in me to get through the rough times and come out on top.  It shouldn't be any more difficult now than what it was then, in fact I think it should be simpler.  I'm feeling good about my progress and my emotions are evening out as well.  I'm going to give myself a very personal present on my birthday.

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Bernice said...

Good for you!! We can come up with hundreds of excuses to not do what we should do but you hit the override button in your brain and did what you knew you needed to do! You will have the best Birthday ever!!