Friday, August 10, 2012


We had some good storms on Wednesday night, so I didn't sleep well and it was hard to drag myself out of bed yesterday morning.  Work went pretty well, although not much on my plate.  I'm knew it was my last day of the week and it just makes thing move along in a more positive matter.  Three day weekend YAHOO!

Stephanie sent her dad an email about watching the kids while they went to "Back to School Night".  When we watched the kids last Friday we took them to dinner at Fazoli's.  Jacob asked ... what happened to Cracker Barrel, as that was our usual place to head with them but Grammie had picked Fazoli's to work into her plan.  So, tonight we did make our way to Cracker Barrel and I had my order already placed by the time I left work.  It's amazing what pre-planning does.  Jacob and I had the same main course ... chicken and ducklings.  I'm amazed that what was my NORM before ,,, a grilled chicken salad is more calories/points.  Dinner was DElicious.

I needed a few more exercise  points to be under my point limit and had counted a 45 minute evening walk into that for my day.  I had already walked 30 minutes on my lunch hour.   Gary and I headed out the door and walked a couple of blocsk when I felt something hit my head.  A couple of  seconds later Gary said OH NO ... I asked what's wrong and he said rain.  He had looked at the radar before we left and didn't see anything.  We headed home and there it goes ... I'm over again.  By the time we got to the house, there were no spinkles, so we kept going.  We were at sbout 40 minutes when we saw lightning with thunder.  We got our time in and I was a happy camper.


Debbie said...

Good for you for getting your time in. I love the jump rope picture.

NAN said...

Sounds like the planning is working! i had the boys again Thursday and we made homemade pizzas- I made the crust with some yeast and flour I had and the cost was minimal. I am such a tightwad but I hate paying for meals out when I can prepare better at home. I also have taught them to pop popcorn on the stove-supervision of course! It tastes so much better than microwaved and I can eat some too.