Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yesterday started out to be a perfect day.  I was able to sleep in, I had the joy of having children noises in the house and I just felt Right with the World.  I fixed a breakfast of pancakes and smokey links for the kids and had the proper portion for myself. 

Jim picked the kids up about 11:00 a.m.  I got dressed and started in on laundry, a bank run, tidying up.  Above are pictures of my favorite pajamas.  They have now bit the dust.  I wore them with small rips in them but today when the bottoms ended up with a trap drawer, I knew it was time to give 'em up.  I now have something in mind to replace them.  When I hit my first 10# gone, I'm going out shopping for a new pair of silk PJ's.

I was working on our household budget when I started feeling a little lightheaded.  I had a decent lunch of grilled cheese and some grapes but as I continued to number crunch I felt worse.  I didn't feel well and started getting dizzy.  I wasn't up to doing any of the things I had planned to do and spent most of the afternoon just lying on the couch.  At 7:00 Gary asked about dinner and gave the choice of take out pizza or going to Egg Roll.  I didn't know if I wanted to go out or not but when I looked at what would be the best choice for me for dinner, I picked Egg Roll.  I thought maybe eating would help but still didn't feel well and didn't eat very much because my stomach was also getting a little upset.  Walking was in my plans but never materialized as I pretty much went to bed once we got home.  I thought my blood pressure might be low and took it and that wasn't the problem, I just felt really wierd.  Almost what I would think withdrawal would be like.  I got up this morning feeling a little better with no dizziness so I was happy about that.


NAN said...

Hi! I see you are blogging again- I still post occasionally but I really dislike it LOL. Weight is OK- I am still too darn fat but I haven't given up the battle. I really dislike exercising and my walks are not very aerobic and I am still talking about joining Planet fitness...maybe in September heehee. Hope your dizziness is gone. My boss has experienced it and hers is from hyperthyroid- I have the opposite, hypothyroid which does make it difficult to lose weight.

Bernice said...

I'm sorry you didn't have a good day yesterday but I'm glad you are feeling better today!

I know you had a great time with the kiddos and you still managed to stay on program. Good luck tonight with tops!