Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I weighed in at TOPS last night with a 3 1/2# loss.  Didn't quite get under the 200 mark but you always have a have a goal for the next week, right?

I had a salad from Palomino at lunch and was really surprised that when I put it in MyFitnessPal, the nutritional information was there.  A great help.

Our TOPS meeting went well and I felt I was with a group of people that I related too, that understood me and that wasn't negative.  Was that because I led the discussion?  Our program was based on affirmations.  Having your brain programmed to help you lose weight.  It touched on the "garbage in ... garbage out" addage.  I read one person's blog on MFP which I shared with my chapter and I think I'm going to write her mantra on a card and put it on my bathroom mirror.  It says "Progression not Perfection".  As long as I've moved forward each week I'm not going to dwell on that I may have taken two steps forward and one back during the week as long as I've moved forward when Monday rolls around if it's even only a babystep, unlike the giant leap I took this week which has renewed my commitment and helped my motivation.

Last night after the meeting, some of the ladies were going for Mexican food.  I knew that even though I was feeling good about my loss and had the added motivation to keep truckin' along, that it wouldn't be the best choice for me, so I announced I was headed home.  I did stop at MacAlister's and got something that I knew would fit into my plan.

On to Week #2.  


Matt Hirschfelt said...

3.5 pounds is great! That's a fantastic week and fits perfectly with the mantra, "Progression not perfection!" And great work making sure you picked a food option that fit your plan. That's something that my friends are still adjusting to when I have to decline going to some restaurants with them. But they're starting to understand and support my decision.

I'm My Favorite said...

Congratulations on your loss!!!

NAN said...

Good for you! Awesome weight loss. I rarely eat out- maybe once every few months- but I do love my ice cream and just can't have it in the house. My grands are here now watching Gremlins 2 heehee; I am ready for some COFFEE!

Bernice said...

Great job!! Oh happy day!! That's awesome! Keep on trucking!