Thursday, August 2, 2012


This was breakfast yesterday.  Well it's an improvement over nothing.  I'm just too out of it in the morning.  I'm not a morning person and stay in bed until very last possible moment and then rush around like a maniac until I'm out the door.  Maybe there's a possibility for change here too, but I'm taking things slow.  Maybe so it'll sink in, maybe so I don't get overwhelmed, maybe .... who knows.

All in all yesterday went pretty well.  At lunch I had 1/2 sandwich and soup at Paradise Cafe and walked about 20 minutes on the remainder of my lunch hour.  When I set out the temperature didn't seem to be too bad for walking but after about 15 minutes, I was ready to get back in the cool air conditioning.

Speaking of air conditioning ... my mood was downsized in the afternoon when Gary called and said he had my car back from the dealership at a tune of $1300.  Going in, we were told around a grand.  It failed on us while we were on vacation and we took it into a Ford dealership for a temporary fix for about $300 when we were in New York.  I thought ... hey, it seems to be working okay but knew that it eventually was going to go out again because the compressor was bad.  I thought the band aid would work for awhile but Gary wanted it taken care of right away.  I guess it's a good thing because they told him there was metal in the area and it was ready to blow and it would cost even more if it did and they had to clean it out.  But that much money ... it just puts me in a mood and that's not a good thing when you're trying to stay positive about dieting.

Dinner was great.  One of my favorites.  Parmesan crusted chicken and Julienne Potatoes.  I watched my portions and even allowed myself a glass of wine but that meant no snack later in the evening but that was okay.  I was satisfied with my dinner .... no compromises (well maybe the portions) and that meant no feeling of deprivation.  

We took a walk about 8:45 using a different route which I think is important.  I discovered MyFitnessPal and logged in everything and seemed to be right on target.


Bernice said...

First of all I defiantly agree breakfast is so important. I also am NOT a morning person! I don't know about you but I keep oatmeal packets at work and sometimes at night before I go to bed I measure out cereal to take with me as well as prepare my lunch. That way if I need to weigh or measure anything I can do it at home.

Second I do believe that myfitnesspal my very well save my life. I'm obsessed!! Something good to be obsessed about besides food!!

Keep up the good work. It will pay off for sure!

Bernice said...

By the way sorry about your car. But don't let anything. I mean anything. Get in the way of your commitment to a better happier healthier life. Will you still have struggles when you lose all your weight? Absolutely but we will be better equipped to handle things..........