Saturday, August 4, 2012

ALL IN (Almost)

Yesterday I got up 10 minutes before I normally do, but still only grabbed a banana for breakfast.  I got up earlier because I was meeting a friend for lunch for a belated birthday celebration and  I had fallen asleep on the courch after we got back from our walk the night before, and didn't take the time to get her gift wrapped and hunt from a card.  When you know you've got to do something, you do what you need to get it done.  That's an eye opener for me right now. 

Terrie picked MCL for where we were meeting.  She has gone back to Weight Watchers and she said she planned on getting their veggie plate.  I'm not a vegetable eater and that sure didn't sound like something I want for my birthday lunch but this was HER choice and actually a good one for me too.  We went to Cheesecake Factory on my birthday and look where that got me.  Anyway I checked out what I could find for MCL as far as nutritional information.  I was thinking the tilapia would probably be my best pick.  I wasn't a fish eater but I heard that this type of fish didn't taste fishy.  I then saw that amazingly the chicken and noodles was less than 100 calories more and knew that I would enjoy that more.  I accompanied it with squash and green beans and felt I had a lunch that I would pick if I wasn't dieting.  We had a good visit and it was an enjoyable afternoon.

We were watching Jacob and Gracie in the evening.  When I got home I asked Gary if he planned on fixing something for dinner and he said he didn't have anything to prepare.  We talked about where to take the kiddos for dinner and it sounded like he wanted to go to Fazoli's.  Immediately, I checked out how many points I had left for the day and what I could get for the remainder when we went for dinner.  It was like a kid getting their allowance and seeing what they could buy at the candy store.  Okay, maybe that's a bad analogy.  I ended up with a child's portion but was also able to have 1 1/2 breadstick and that was important to me.  I was satisfied and happy with my choice.

After watching a little TV when we got home, it was time to try out a Pinterest recipe for Healthy Breakfast cookies that we planned on taking to a friend's outting on Sunday.  Gracie was excited about helping and Jacob joined in too.  I've got to say they looked a lot better than they tasted but were okay (although my pictures don't show as much yummyness as the recipe picture).  One thing that happened though was that Gary brought in some cookies after they cooled and I immediately grabbed one without thinking.  So maybe I'm not quite there yet.  The cookies were small and supposedly less than 100 calories and that brought me in right ON target for points for the day.

I would have felt better if I would have walked yesterday but my day was pretty packed and I had walked three days in a row (a couple of times each day) where before I was exercising every other day, so I shouldn't have negative feelings.  I feel I'm off to a good start and feel committed.

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