Monday, October 1, 2012


Yesterday was a pretty quiet day with nothing really to report.  When I got dressed I couldn't decide what to wear, but remembered seeing a pair of green slacks that I used to wear as I was putting away some of the ironing I did on Saturday.  My closet or should I say closets contain various variations of fit.  It goes from ... it's a smidgen loose ... it's okay, I can hardly breathe ... to no way, Jose.  The green slacks while worn the last time I lost successfully had now ended up pushed into the back of the closet and were .... mmm, I can hardly get them over my hips, let alone zip them up.  Do I even dare to try them on.  The last time I lost weight (which was around 30# and what seemed to be so quick to gain back even though it was over a year),  I couldn't see any difference in my clothes until between the 25 to 30 pound mark lost and remembered being pretty happy getting in those green slacks.  But now ... I'm only about halfway to that point.  Oh, what the heck ... yep, they went over my hips but the real test was could I zip them ... suck it up, Sheilah ... now the button.  Are you kidding me???  Well, they're not in that last category anymore and maybe even a little better than the one before it because even though tight around the waist, I wore them all day so I obviously was breathing.  I think they will be the best gauge of my progress.  I definitely remember how they felt putting them on yesterday and I plan to wait several weeks before trying them on again to review the fit.  There is one result from losing that I am anxious to see and that is to have a distinctive waist.  Maybe I'm starting to see it.  While nothing in my closets are at the point of too sloopy to wear anymore, I'm actually thinking that point isn't that far away.

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NAN said...

COOL! I pretty much purge all my ill fitted clothing but that's a really good idea. Right now I have a uniform- black slacks and a few different tops and sweater shrugs if I want to look professional for me LOL. I have a few skirts I wear to church and that's it except for everyday capris. I wish I was young and could wear Anthropologie sizes!