Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Like normal ... I rushed out the door yesterday morning without the checklist in my head.  It was morning and who thinks about anything but going back to bed in the morning ... or is that just me?  I got halfway to the office and thought geez ... I'm in heels and a dress this morning, how am I going to walk on my lunchhour since I didn't bring an extra pair of shoes.  It was my only opportunity as I had my TOPS meeting after work and I wouldn't get home until after 9:00 p.m.  I ate lunch at my desk and spent my entire lunch hour checking out Facebook and MyFitnessPal.  Divine intervention pops in and I find myself having to run a couple of office errands that involved several blocks of walking.  Yes, I could walk quite a distance in heels.  It wasn't the most opportune way to walk, but it could be done.  Maybe it would even tone my legs.  I lucked out this time, but I need to find an old pair of flats just to keep at the office because I know my morning habits of rushing out the door are probably going to be hard to change.

I headed to my TOPS meeting ready to face the scales.  I still wasn't quite sure what kind of loss I would have, as everyone now knows my home scales are fickle, but I was confident it would be a loss.  Vera always sets the weights at where you weighed in the time before and it didn't budge when she started moving the upper bar.  1# -- 1 1/2# - 2# - 2 1/2# ... I kept holding my breath as the weight was starting to rise and ended up with a 4# loss.  Wow, I got off my previous week's gain of 3# and another pound.  What more could I ask for?  Nope, I'm not going to say ... well, you know, another pound because I'm already concerned for how my body is going to react to take off more this week.  Is it going to think ... hey, I'm done what more do you want, do you expect me to keep losing, maybe I'll just stall out this week.  Those thoughts rolling around in my head can only bring doubts and I've had enough of those.  I'm sticking to my plan and thinking positive and I know that'll see me through.

My TOPS Chapter had a horrible week the week before and I certainly added to their weight report in the red.  We have a small chapter with only nine members.  Last week we had a gain of 12 pounds with only one member having a loss.  We had a good program and we shared a lot and I felt everyone was pretty pumped up to come in last night with a better weight report.  I thought we'd have a huge net loss but it only ended up being 2.5# and remember I had a 4# loss.  Only I and another lady lost and her loss was 1/2#.  I almost felt kind of bad, you know in that sense of being embarrassed for overdoing it but by george I came through alot last week and I worked hard and I needed that big loss.  But, I still feel for my fellow members.  I remember years ago, there was a time when I was the only one losing and I did sluff off because I didn't want to feel like an outsider ... but that was the worse thing I could do.  It wasn't like I was a parent who let a child win a game to prevent them from ever wanting to play again.  Setbacks stem from faulty thinking.  How many people are setback when listening to things like, have a piece of cake ... one piece won't hurt or you don't need to lose anymore weight, you look fine.  Putting everything in perspective, I'm joined TOPS to help me in losing weight and now perhaps even motivate others to follow in my footsteps ... no, I'm not holding back, I'm out to be a winner by losing.  


Bernice said...

Great job!! I'm excited for you! We need to for once in our lives worry about ourselves!! We can do it!

NAN said...

YAY! I have been sitting on my *** since 5 AM doing work but I am almost done. I had 6 support plans to write this month- next month only 1! I am going to run some errands, walk the halls at the stores and the library and visit a couple of clients. Oh confession time- guess who had to throw away some Halloween candy drat it and I really am so not a candy persons. that bad kept calling me and I decided no one I knew needed the temptation so in the trash it went. I have some to my Sunday school kids but Sunday is a long time away.