Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Someone said to wish big and another someone said you need to have dreams for your dreams to come true. I guess maybe I was just wishing or dreaming when I said yesterday ... if I was lucky I'd lose a pound at weigh-in last night. Then Coach Mora's speech kept playing over and over in my head. He gave a famous speech years ago after an NFL game when asked about making the playoffs. He said playoffs ... playoffs, are you kidding me, I just hope we win a game. I have so many thoughts rolling around in my head this morning. No, I didn't lose last night but I need to remember that I put in effort last week and I didn't have a gain either. Sometimes that's hard to comprehend, but it's life and it's happened before and it's probably going to happen again, so chalk it up to experience and move on.

Life is also about focus and WHAT you focus on. I mentioned before that I am in a Holiday Challenge on MFP. I was pretty excited before it started ... as we normally are pumped up before an actual event takes place, where you think there's going to be this great outcome, whether it be a holiday, vacation, party, etc. Then you're thrown into the work that's involved, and the excitement tends to diminish some. Well, I was pretty excited, even jumping the gun with a post I made and then reality set in. We were out of town a couple of times and I couldn't weigh in on the appropriate day and the big blow came when I had a big gain. Did I think about giving up ... wondering what I had got myself into ... feeling that I let my teammate(s) down? You bet I did but I didn't give in to all those emotions. Something inside of me is pushing me to finish this challenge no matter what the outcome will be. I was shocked yesterday when results were posted and I had the best percentage of weight loss so far. So, lesson learned. Focus on what you can do day by day and don't worry about the playoffs. You've got to win some games to get there. Not EVERY game, but the majority of them. I'm getting my head back into the game, learning from mistakes and working for a big win next weigh-in.

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Bernice said...

What a great attitude!! It seemed like you would've been ok without a loss on your post Monday morning. But I guess when it happened it still stung a little! That's ok tho you are doing wonderful. If we could just wrap our heads around the fact that we are making good life changes every single day and that's what really counts! Like you said 1 game at a time! Preparing dr that game is THE most important thing!