Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SO ... SO -- SO?

Yesterday wasn't that exciting, so not much to write.  I could be like my husband when our kids were small and asked him questions ... he'd just make something up.  I could say I got on the scales yesterday and lost 8#'s since the day before or that I just completed my 25th marathon this year but even a stranger would think that was far fetched.  Guess I'll just have to settle for my boring account.

I went to the store with Gary on Sunday after church.  Since he retired he does 95% of the cooking and pretty much all the grocery shopping but he had some coupons for some kitchen stuff and he wanted me to go along to listen to my opinion of "to buy or not to buy".  While we were in the store, I thought it might be wise to get some snacks for work.  I know many people in the office have a specified drawer in their desk or credenza for their "stash".  I know there have been times in the past where I have found myself standing in front of the vending machine with absolutely horrible choices and I thought having my own pre-picked snacks would help.  I ended up with some Cheez It Crackers (120 calories) and Quaker Chewy Dipps (150 calories).  Now, I'm wondering if that was such a good decision.  Of course Monday wasn't a problem because I was faced with my weigh-in but yesterday mid-afternoon I saw the sack with my goodies just lying there calling to me.  I know for a fact that had they not been there, I would have gone on with my day not even thinking about going to the vending machine.  But I hadn't had one of those Quaker things for a long, long time and it was chocolate coated and I was somewhat bored with the task at hand and I knew I had the calories to dispense and, and, and ...  BUT, if it wasn't there, I wouldn't have eaten anything, but I did ... so, what have I learned?  I need a designated drawer to keep it ... out of sight, out of mind.  I've done without a mid-afternoon snack for a couple of months, I probably don't need one now ... fruit would be a better choice, or perhaps ... this is all a learning process and seeing what works and what doesn't is key.

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Bernice said...

You will get used to having them there. I do think its better to have something if you feel you need it rather then hit the vending machines. Plus it's better to snack on something before you get home u think if you go too long in between meals you are tempted to overheat dinner. Remember you control food. It doesn't control you! You are makeing all the right choices and you have the weigh ins to prove it!
Keep up the great work!!