Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We're getting some relief from the summer drought with rain setting in for a few days.  But, is it too little, too late.  Is it ever ... too little, too late?  I don't think so.  As long as you need something, you should be thankful for every morsel you receive, no matter how small or how long it takes to click in and show up.  You just grab at the brass ring when the opportunity arises and ya know, the opportunity is really always there in front of you.

I got up yesterday and made my way to the scale to see how I'd be doing at my official weigh in last night.  It's just something I do to cushion any shock if there are any less than favorable results at weigh-in.  My scales are not spot on with the old fashioned upright moving the weights type scale at my TOPS meeting but they do give me a gauge of where I'm at.  Yesterday morning, however, it was one of those "too close to call" moments.  I could have a small loss or just the reverse.  But, I was okay with that because I knew that whatever happened later in the evening would just keep me more determined to see the scale go down in the future, unlike my spinout from last week when I was trying to juggle two weigh-ins a week.  They say you learn from experience and WOW have I had some experience, but maybe finally I have learned any my attitude has changed a little.

It didn't start raining until after I was back from lunch, so I got a short walk in.  At 1:30, though, our department was headed down to the breakroom to celebrate a co-workers birthday.  My fellows workers know by now ... if it's Monday, don't even offer Sheilah anything.  I used to feel bad because I felt like I wasn't participating or celebrating but I realize that's what "I" thought and my thinking has caused "ME" problems in the past ... I'm there, I'm singing Happy Birthday, I'm wishing the person best wishes, I don't have to eat chocolate cake with sugary icing if I feel it will prevent me from my goal.  The next birthday we celebrate will be mine and I have about six weeks to figure out what I'm going to do then.

As I left the office on the way to my meeting, it was drizzling.  I thought ... boy, if I have a little gain, I'm gonna blame it on the rain and being wet and the water making the difference for the extra weight.  No need ... when I set foot on the scale the weight sat on the bottom from what I was last week which meant I lost.  I ended up being the best loser with 1.5# loss.  My average ... although I didn't feel average, I felt great ... another loss ... another step closer to goal.

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Leslie said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment today - and it can't be all about you because it's all about me!! I had a friend say once that the center of the universe (where we all think we are) is getting to be a crowded place.

I can relate to thinking I have to participate by eating with others...that's screwed me up many times. And the other people probably have cake and are done with "splurges" for today. Often a splurge sets me off for the rest of the day.