Thursday, October 18, 2012


I came downstairs yesterday morning with my hair in hot rollers.  I had colored my hair the night before and while it is close to Halloween, I knew if I didn't curl it, my frizzy hair would resemble one of a witch.  I used a dark mahogany brown rinse thinking it would be a close match to my dark, dark brown locks.  Uhmmm, no ... there was a red tint to it.  Oh well, some times you just have to take what life gives you, knowing it's only temporary, because as in life things do change and I'll be covering the gray again before I know it.  I've just got to hang in there.  Boy, that's sounds familiar.  Anyway, Gary was up and downstairs before me.  Oh how I wish I could just pop out of bed like he does.  He took a look and said ... boy, guys have it easy.  We don't have to color our hair, if it turns gray, we're just glad we still have hair and if it gets long enough to curl, we just get it cut.  Yeah, I guess guys are less maintenance.  He probably knows where his black shoes are too, since he only has one pair.

The one reason I went to the mall the other day, when I had my Subway lunch, was to continue to look for those pajamas that I told myself I would reward myself with when I lost ten pounds.  I got a scare a couple weeks ago when I had that big gain.  I realized how quick you can gain back the weight if you don't pick yourself up and keep on moving down the road.  I didn't want to give up that ten pounds loss reward which reminded me I hadn't found my pajamas yet.  But, Tuesday, after I had my sandwich, I decided to walk the mall for awhile and ran out of time to do any shopping.  I went back yesterday and had good timing because I had a coupon from one of the stores in my morning email for 20% off.  After looking on several racks, I found pretty much what I was looking for.  I really wanted a pair with sleeves but these were pretty.  A girl wants to look pretty even when she goes to bed, especially when she wakes up transformed, if you know what I mean.  It's a hair thing again and not so pretty.

So it's now onto the second ten pounds for a pair of shoes (maybe black ones) and I'm already half way there!

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