Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Well, yesterday was an "I DON'T WANNA" day.  I don't wanna get up, I don't wanna go to work, I don't wanna blog and admit I wasn't as confident as I thought ... I don't wanna make that phone call and have to wait and wait on the line ... I don't wanna cardboard frozen lunch ... and I certainly don't wanna work out.

But, I'm not a kid ... I'm an adult and adults have responsibilities.  It just takes awhile to get through the thought process.  In fact, I was so wishy washy about my lunch choice that I wasted 1/3 of my lunchhour trying to make a decision whether to eat at my desk or go out and splurge.  I was victorious and it was raining anyway. 

As I was leaving for work yesterday morning, Gary said "gym tonight ... right?" and I just nodded my head.  I kept fairly busy at work which is a good thing and 5:00 finally arrived.  As I was driving home,  I was hoping Gary forgot all about the gym comment.  He was on the phone when I walked in the door.  I plopped down on couch playing ping pong in my head -- go ... don't go ... go ... don't go.  When he finally got off the phone, we talked a little and finally that part of my brain slammed the ball, I mean words ... are you ready to go.  Wow, did that come out of the I don't wanna me.  I quickly ran upstairs to change and we were out the door.  When I got there, I thought I might as well make the most out it.  My plan was to up my time on the bike and do 25 minutes.  Well, it must have been previous set to 22 minutes and when I got to that point it stopped.  Bummer ... guess I have to make it up on the treadmill.  You know what ... I felt different when leaving the gym.  I need to go back over my past blog posts.  Didn't I feel that way when I got my mojo back after my disappointing gain.  Gotta remember that ...working out isn't such a bad thing, maybe it's a "I WANNA" thing.

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