Wednesday, October 17, 2012


OR ... also known as the boring accounts of a dieter.   I can't believe that I can ramble on and on about my day, mostly everyday.  My life isn't that exciting and there aren't that many breaking news flashes for others to read but it's the one way I know how to keep me going on this journey to the goal I want to accomplish.  It help me get through those tough times and I can also pat myself on the back for what I may have thought were impossible accomplishments .... like yesterday ... so here I go.

Yesterday was another one of those hurrying out the door, not thinking about what I needed to bring, like walking shoes or maybe ... my lunch.  So, did that mean a quick trip to McDonald'?  I could have gone to McDonald's and been okay ... really, I could have.  But, there isn't a McDonald's close to my office, so I decided to go to the mall and have Subway.  I hadn't had it in awhile but the last time I did, I wasn't too satisfied and thought it was about as appetizing as eating cardboard.  I don't care that much for veggies, so with the sandwich being 25% meat and cheese and 75% bread without veggies, it wasn't that kind of meal that you anticipate and crave ... but for me at that time, I thought it was the best choice.  I decided to go with a different bread, the Italian Herb, and that did give it a different texture.  I also did add spinach and onion to the shredded lettuce and lite mayo I normally get, so it did bulk it up a little more.  It was okay ... it wasn't a feast, just a meal and that was okay with me at the time but maybe that is why I wanted a snack in the afternoon.

Gary had a meeting and was gone before I got home from work.  I knew what I was going to do and thought about it off and on during the day.  I rushed home, changed clothes and then was headed to the gym.  I had thought about increasing my time from the 17 and 18 minutes I accomplished on the bike and treadmill last week.  Yes, I was upping it to 20 minutes each.  I guess important things I can remember because I made sure I grabbed my IPOD that Gary had charged for me off the desk as I headed out the door.  I was ready, I was determined ... I got on the bike, started pedaling as I put my ear-buds in.  I turned the IPOD on and then off and then on again, I push the volume up and any other indentation I could find to hear the music.  Nothing!  Oh great, how am I going to get through 20 minutes without music.  There were TV's on and they helped a little but I couldn't hear what was going on because you have to have special earphones.  Well fooling around with the IPOD, looking at the TV, trying to dash my thoughts about giving up while I peddled took care of the first five minutes.  Can I get through this.  Mmmm, maybe I could make my own music but all I could think of were camp songs ... Do your ears hang low.  When I got to 10 minutes, I realized I was half-way done and maybe I could do this, then it was 15 minutes and I had it in the bag, but then I started fretting again.  There was still the treadmill and I really don't mind biking but ... the treadmill?  As I got on the treadmill, I thought well we'll see what happens.  No matter how long I'd go, I knew I probably wouldn't run any, but at three minutes in I thought why not, so I ran for a minute.  It took me a few minutes to recover and I ran another minute and before I knew it, I had 20 minutes in and Zippity Do Da popped in my head as I finished up.  I did it ... I did what I set out to do.  I had my own debate going on during this time but the new me won, the new me that is determined and motivated that promises a much better future if I side with my new way of thinking.

Gary had fixed chili and it was simmering on the stove when I got home.  I usually don't like to drink my calories (unless it's wine) but decided a tall glass of cold milk would hit the spot.  So, another day in the life of this ... mmmm, what can I call myself .... some sort of candidate???   


Bernice said...

That's so good!! I'm happy for you! It's funny how we think and talk about ourselves! The old me the new me!! I do that all the time!! Sometimes I even forget its the new me! Now I'm working on forgetting the old me. I know we can do this. We are doing this and it feels great!! Congrats on sticking to your plan!

Leslie said...

Hi Sheilah - thanks so much for the link to the blog about the scale on MFP. Wow - it was great. And yay to you for getting through the gym workout without the ipod. I've had that happen and my mind starts reeling. Glad your new way of thinking kicked in big time!