Saturday, October 20, 2012


I need to stop worrying about things until there is something to worry about and is anything really worth worrying about ... if it happens, it happens.  Wonder if somebody said that once so that I can quote it.  I couldn't wait to head out yesterday just to get away from the office.  I was still nervous about meeting new people.  But it was needless worry because the non-knotty wives didn't show.  I wonder if they actually were a bit like me, but too scared to make a move.  So, I feel a little out of place but will just do my own thing.  I did make it to the workout room last night but they only had a couple of treadmills and a stepper.  No bike, so that left me wondering and out my my normal gym routine, if you can call three times at the gym a routine.  There was also a TV in the room, so I got on the treadmill and started searching for the baseball game.  I could watch the game and get my time in on the machine with no problem.  I went through the channels twice and no game.  I know its on, because the pre-game was on in the room.  Bummer.  Okay, by now, I really wasn't it in ... I did twenty minutes and headed back to the room to watch the game with a glass of wine while Gary and his friends learned how to do another version of a ..... turkshead or whatever.  Tomorrow will be my own adventure.

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