Sunday, October 14, 2012


Not too much to expand on for today. Just staying focused and positive. We had two of the grandkids yesterday and Gary wanted to do something away from the house. We thought about a kids movie and that would fit the bill for me to see something light and funny which most kids movies are but we also heard that the weather might be nice enough to be outside and we don't know how many more of those days we're going to get since it's mid-October in the Midwest. We decided to seek out a pumpkin patch that is geared around Halloween. There are a couple of orchards in the area but I wanted to go to someplace new and different. I remember my neice talking about a place she took her kids to last year, so we headed to Kelsey Farms. It's a dairy farm they've turned into a Kids Halloween Paradise. Many more activities than the other places we've gone too. I thought a corn maze was a corn maze but this one incorporated a scavenger hunt and we walked around it for a long time never finding all four clues but it was fun and I got my walking in.
The kids also loved the hay mountain, pumpkin bowling and the corn crib which was like a gigantic sandbox except it was full of corn kernels.  There was also apple fritters, carmel apples, and chocolate shakes which I was fine not sharing in, because watching kids having fun satisfied me.

We spent several hours at Kelsey's and then to dinner where I ordered a chicken quesedilla.  I only had 1/2 of it because I know they are high in calories but wonder why ... chicken's good .... the tomatoes are good .... the tortilla is equal to bread, so that's not that bad ... hmmm, must be the cheese but again I was okay in asking for a box to bring the other half home.  I feel I had a fun day and didn't miss out on a thing!

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