Monday, October 22, 2012


As I took a peek at my home scales this morning after I got ready for work, it didn't bother me to see just about the same thing as I saw last Monday.  I'm figuring I could have a small loss, or maybe even a pound, if I'm lucky at the official scales tonight.  I did some sort of exercise every day the past week and some were even gym workouts where I actually glowed.  I love the quote that women don't sweat.  "Horses sweat, men perspire and women glow!"   I even made it a point to use machines in a hotel exercise room.  I don't know if I was out to prove a point to myself or if something is starting to click.  I actually don't think that the exercise I'm doing is really making that much difference. I'm not spending huge amounts of time, I'm just making the time to get some exercise in my day. Although I said I didn't think it was making that much difference, what I meant to say was that it wasn't making that much difference on the scale. I think it does help my attitude and I know that it helps to relieve stress. Another thing is that I think it does reflect in my appearance of being more toned. So have I arrived? Well, I think I've arrived at the conclusion that I'm a little closer than I was when I started and that's about it.

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