Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Last night's weigh in went worse than I anticipated.  I tried all my usual things when I'm faced with such a weigh-in ... wearing the lightest weight clothes I have, drinking lots of water, staying confident but it was all futile last night.  A big whopping three pound gain.  As I wrote yesterday, I tried to shake it off, telling myself that I have an immediate new start.  I'm not looking at the big picture but step by step, day by day victories that roll into bigger results.  I noticed however AFTER I weighed-in and went to dinner that my control was lacking and I wasn't satisfied.  For the last two months, I have been able to control my portions, leaving food on my plate with no problem and feeling good about it.  Last night at dinner, once I started eating, it was like an addict that couldn't get enough and still wanted more.  When I got home, although it was almost 9:30, I was in the kitchen looking for something to fill me up.  Maybe a sandwich but ended up being a fudgie and a couple of pretzels.  I know I have not lost complete control but I don't like the side of me that showed up last night.  I'm exhausted this morning and didn't take time for breakfast because I had rather lie on the couch until time to leave.  I have not failed, I've only stumbled but still feel lousy about the outcome.

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NAN said...

Just think about how much you have lost. Probably one day of light eating will knock that gain out and also, you had a GOOD time right? What bugs me is when I gain and really wasn't eating anything worthwhile or FUN!!!! I am so hungry right now but going to wait until noon.