Friday, October 19, 2012


Yesterday was a long, long day and on top of that it was a late night.  This morning I'm really dragging.  Work was one of those days when all there was ... was busy work to be done. I barely saw the people that I support, so it was up to me to keep occupied.  I'm working on our company Christmas party but the creative side of me was off somewhere else.  Those kind of days are dangerous because when you want to keep busy or fill yourself up with busyness and you can't find it, you go looking for something else.  Looking back, I'm really surprised I didn't delve into my stash of snacks.  Maybe I knew it was a fried rice night and I had to conserve my calories.  Hmmm, maybe it's finally sinking in.

I knew I was going to work out in the evening, so I just had my Lean Cuisine at my desk and didn't even venture out of the office on my lunch-hour.  As the afternoon drug on, doubts started rolling around in my head about going to the gym.  Then, I went and did it ... I normally log in after the fact on MFP, but I put in my dinner info to see where I was and also my exercise that I would be doing at the gym.  I forgot that sends an automated message to my feed and then came the responses about my workout ... now I had to do it, right?  I'm an honest person, so what is ... IS.  I really didn't want to work out and I think my body is asking for a break, because it didn't give me that same THANK YOU, I'M ENERGIZED when I left the gym.  It was more like WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME ... I CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS.

We're going out of town for the weekend and you'd think I'd be a pro at packing by now, since it's seems like we've been gone every other weekend since the end of July.  I still had laundry to do in addition to the packing and there were a couple of shows on TV I wanted to watch, so it was after midnight when I finally got to bed.  Hmmm, maybe it's the late night instead of the exercise that's the reason for my slow moving body this morning.

The weekend is a Knot Symposium, so to speak, that my husband is involved in through The International Guild of Knot Tyers.  It's a passion of his.  He's wanting me to hook up with a couple of the wives while he's busy in his sessions.  I am so uncomfortable in meeting people, especially on my own.  Of course when you're uncomfortable what happens?  You look for something that makes you feel good, something you're familiar with ... mmmm, what could that be?  I've got a feeling this weekend is going to be more of a challenge than I thought.  I thought I could just sleep, read and relax, maybe hit the hotel workout room but I do need to get to know some of the wives because there is a big meeting on the Queen Mary next May that Gary is planning on attending and I don't want to be stuck in my room alone the whole time we're there.  We'll see what happens.

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Bernice said...

I think it will go way better then your anticipating. The more weight you lose the stronger and more confindent you are. Relax you'll be fine! Go get em!!