Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time to Move On

As I suspected last night was no party. I weighed in with a 3 1/2# gain. To make matters worse, by my standards, I was the only member that gained. I felt, not only did I let myself down, but everyone else too for the chance of the distinction of a "no gain" meeting. However no one said anything, except for the words of encouragement and listening to how my resolve dissolved over the past couple of days. Besides my TOPS members, I'm thankful to have cheerleaders like Kim, Karyn and the "Unknowndieter", telling me "push 'em back ... push 'em back, harder, harder ... meaning the snacking temptations. I also feel I have a coach in Stephanie telling me to get back out there and do my best because it's not over until it's over and it's far from over.

I found that's losing weight isn't just not eating less and exercising more, it's knowing exactly what you're doing. Planning and pre-planning and never let yourself sit in one spot for too long. I guess it's back to the basics and more awareness. There's no doubt I can do this, I've just got to build up my confidence a bit.

I knew exactly how many points I had left when we went to dinner last night and this time I didn't guess how many points something had, I checked out the listing for Bob Evans, got something I like within range and came in on target for the day. This morning I did get on the scales but I'm not going to make it a daily routine. I thought with the big gain and being right on yesterday I would see at least a small drop ... not yet, but I'll keep trying.

We're having dinner with a classmate we haven't seen since we graduated in 1967. A little nervous about that and because it's a mom and pop restaurant with a limited menu and not as easy as going to a site and seeing what points the entrees have. However, I have a plan and I am sticking to it. I'm not letting last night's gain do to me what my last gain did when I ironically had the same number of weigh-ins without a gain (9). I'm grazed but not down for the count. I have it in me to do this and when I feel I don't, I'll be grabbing someone or something to hold onto.

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