Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm a Good Person

Yesterday I decided to do something different at lunch. Yeah King David's Dogs is still calling but I'm ignoring that for the time being. I had my Lean Cuisine in the break-room freezer and I'd eventually get to it. Instead of my normal routine of spending my lunch hour sitting at my desk getting caught up on Facebook and various weight-loss blogs, I decided it would be a nice day for a walk. It didn't matter if I had already planned on going to the gym tonight, a little more exercise wasn't going to kill me and what doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger, right? This week the temperatures had been lower along with the humidity, so I thought ... go for it. I headed out in the direction of the canal. Walking by the water just does it for me. It's calming, soothing and spiritual in a way. I had a several blocks to walk before I got there and I started to feel the heat. Was it because of all the cars or the black asphalt on the street? Surely, it would be more comfortable without those factors. I guess I needed to realize that calories are energy and burning energy involves heat and that's what I was feeling. So that's a good thing even though I thought about turning back. By the time I was finished arguing with that voice in my brain about finishing what I start, I was rounding the half way mark of my walk and thinking, well now I'm pretty much committed. Committment reminded me of the story about the chicken and the pig contribution to breakfast.

As I approached the point where I would be leaving the canal and back on the street, I decided to cut through the Government Center. That way I'd be in the air conditioning for about three of my five blocks back to the office. When I worked in the old building prior to our move a few years ago, I used to walk the tunnels of the Government Center a lot. It was convenient because it was close and more comfortable in inclement weather and the winter months but I hadn't done this since we moved. The tricky part is that you enter off the canal into the cafeteria. No problem, I didn't bring any money with me so no temptation there. I walked in behind someone and noticed the security thingy by the door but I was focused on my walking. As I walked down the last corridor, I could see a closed door that had always been opened in the past. When I got there, the door wouldn't open and there was another one of those thingy's. I immediately started to panic. Oh no, it's not like it used to be. I've snuck into a secure building and the police will be here soon. I don't have enough time on my lunch hour to head back to the cafeteria and hope I can get out. I'm a good person, I wasn't trying to doing anything unlawful. Just then, a guy came up behind me and opened the door saying sometimes they're locked, sometimes they're not. I made it back to the office with enough time to have my lunch with no arrest record or being questioned by the Department of Homeland Security. Will I have nightmares tonight about being locked in a cafeteria and interrogated about my food choices? When I got home from work, I changed and Gary and I headed to the Rec Center. My entry here was more routine and I did have my membership card that allowed me to wave it at their thingy and proceed upstairs to the workout area.


Karyn said...

You crack me up!! Glad you came out of your experience without a record!!

BTW...I just added your daughter's blog to my list. She's beautiful and doing a fantastic should be proud!!

Have a great day, and weekend!

mensa said...

She is beautiful, isn't she? Inside and out. Thanks so much, my friend.